bird embroidery on a jacket – how to stitch on clothes

magpie blazer by Pumora

On the weekend, I felt the urge to embroider something for myself. I had found my favorite black blazer I was wearing extensively before moving here. I don’t know why, but it got buried in a box and it was not until now, that I discovered it again.

So instead of stitching up the magpie pattern on yet another hoop wall art thingy, it wanted to be embroidered on this blazer! The blazer has a black and white stripe pattern which works so great with the magpie pattern.

How to embroider a bird on a jacket

magpie blazer by Pumora

1// With yellow transfer paper – I think it’s chalk – I traced the magpie on the blazer. The yellow lines disappear very quickly, so I took a white chalk pencil and drew the lines that vanish too fast.

magpie blazer by Pumora

2// With a natural white thread, I stitched along all major outlines as fast as possible. The traced lines disappear and I wanted to get the lines done before it happened. The outlines are all done with stem stitch. Then I filled all solid shapes with white thread and chain stitch. The dotted lines are done with back stitch and running stitch.

Here are some tips on embroidering a jacket like this

  • If the blazer is lined with fabric on the inside the threads on the back don’t show if all stitches remain between the lining and outer fabric.
  • You can use an embroidery hoop to get the right tension (I used one).
  • If your fabric is slightly stretchy make sure you don’t pull the stitches too tight or you risk bulking fabric when you wear the jacket.
  • Since you will most probably wash your clothing, make sure your thread is washable and colorfast. Only use quality embroidery floss like Anchor or DMC to avoid color bleeding or washing out of colors.

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magpie embroidery blazer by Pumora


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