The Ultimate Giveaway For Crafters!

The Ultimate Giveaway For Crafters!


That time of the year is near – making gifts for our loved ones for Christmas is becoming more and more a priority. While it’s fun to make gifts for others, it’s fun to receive gifts, too, right? Especially crafty gifts….

How about receiving something for free? The folks over at Ultimate Bundles are running a huge giveaway with amazing prizes to win. There is something for every crafter in it! Embroidery and Sewing machines, knitting needle sets, crochet hooks and even a Cricut Maker worth 400$ :O Overall there are 20 prices included in the giveaway worth almost $4,000 total.

To enter the giveaway, hop over to the giveaway site, pick your category, submit your name & email and wait until November 27th. And yes this means you should not wait any longer than the 26th of November to enter.

If you are like me and forget things as soon as your eyes catch something sparkly (or cats, cats are big distractions, too), I suggest entering sooner rather than later 😀

Here is the link to the Ultimate Bundle Craft Giveaway

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