Crafty podcasts to listen to while stitching

crafty podcasts to listen to while stitching

Do you need some kind of entertainment or input while you are stitching? I’m one of those people who do. And while it is great to watch a film or series while stitching, I often find myself being too distracted by either the stitching or the moving pictures. I mean, both activities require you to look at them and somehow this is not working very well for me. Can you relate?

Podcasts have been a great way for me to fully focus my eyes and hands on my embroidery while also having something I can process in my brain.

In the times before the internet, people met to do their crafts together. They exchanged experiences, news and if you had a question about your work you could tap the knowledge of them all.

Although this wasn’t a place for very intricate things that you have to fully focus on without distraction, it is much more fun to work this way.

I feel like podcasts bring in that spirit of a meeting like this in my home when I’m stitching. I often listen to interviews with other creative people and it is like sitting next to people having a conversation.

Sometimes, an embroidery project takes forever – especially if you have to do the same stitch over and over again.

Having some kind of distraction for your brain makes it fun again and time begins to fly.

Here are some podcasts that talk about crafts or with creative people. I have listened to some of them – not all – and listed my recommendations for specific episodes I liked a lot. Some of these podcasts represent a certain time in my life for me and listening to them again made me remember all the fun and sometimes bad days I had when I listened to specific episodes.

So here comes the list of podcasts

While she naps

Abby Glassenberg interviews designers and makers about what it takes to build a creative business. It is not so much about the process of crafting but I find it very interesting to hear the stories of the people behind my favorite designs or suppliers.

There are quite a bit of embroidery people on the podcast. Here is a selection:


In 2005 Brenda Dayne started this epic podcast about knitting, spinning, and hand-dyeing. I can say that I listened to every single episode because I was a raving fan and had the knitting fever. Sadly, Brenda stopped doing the podcast in 2015 but you can still listen to all 132 episodes of the Cast On podcast.

My favorite episode is number 90 “Snowed In” with the amazing essay “The Alberta Clipper” read by Sage (at 24min). Even after all these years, I remember the feelings that came up when I listened to this episode that is mainly a walk through the winter landscape of Wales.

Woolful/Making podcast

Woolful is the creative project of Ashley Yousling. She has joined forces with Carrie Bostick Hoge and formed the newer Making podcast and magazine. They talk about different fiber-related topics and do amazing interviews with creative people from the textile world.

My favorite episodes are the one with Marianne Moodie and Matt Gilbert. (There are so many episodes I have not listened to yet!)

Craft Sanity

Craft Sanity is the work of Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood and consists of over 200 crafty episodes already. I remember a time when I listened to Craft Sanity all the time.

I recommend the episode with Katrina Rodabaugh talking about mending with hand stitches and slow fashion.

More crafty podcasts

The very serious crafts podcast

Elise gets crafty

Thread Cult

I loved the interviews with Rebecca Ringquist – maker of the drop cloth samplers and Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin.

The crafty hive podcast

Fiber Talk

Stitchery stories

Yarn Thing with Marly Bird

Love to sew

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  1. Hello! Thank you for including my Stitchery Stories podcast in your post. There are some great podcasts listed here, and I think we all like to listen whilst stitching don’t we?
    Cheers, Susan

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