whipped wheel rose – flower embroidery tutorial

flower embroidery tutorial - whipped wheel rose

whipped wheel rose tutorial

The whipped wheel rose is a very simple and beautiful way of embroidering a rose or other round flowers. It looks even better when you use a thread with a gradient.

For the weaving part of this flower, it helps to use a blunt needle. You can also turn the needle and use the part where you normally hold the needle as if it was the pointy end. This way you don’t have to change threads and can use the pointy end as well as easily weave.

Of course, you can use the pointy end for weave stitches, too.  But be careful to not pierce the base stitches when you weave under them.

Set the foundation stitches

First of all set the foundation stitches. You can use any number of stitches above 3. I like to use 5 or 6. Since this kind of weave stitch is connected with each foundation stitch, you can make them quite big.

flower embroidery tutorial - whipped wheel rose

Loop around

Now, pick up the thread you want to use for your whipped wheel. Begin close to the left of the topmost foundation stitch. Move the thread over the stitch, then go under the stitch from the right side. Don’t stitch through the fabric! Move the needle under the topmost foundation stitch and the next stitch counter-clockwise. Pull the thread through. This creates a little loop around your foundation stitch.

Repeat making a loop around each stitch until your wheel has the size you want to have or until the foundation stitches are covered up completely.

It is very helpful to use a needle with a blunt tip. As an alternative turn around your needle and use the other side (where you thread the needle) for weaving.

Avoid piercing through the foundation stitches.

flower embroidery tutorial - whipped wheel rose
flower embroidery tutorial - whipped wheel rose

Tips & tricks

To end the weaving, stitch through the fabric right under a foundation stitch where you would normally go underneath the stitch.

Unlike the woven rose, the whipped wheel is not round. The loops around the foundation stitches are the dominant effect for this type of embroidery. The threads connecting the lines are laying straight. If you used 6 foundation stitches, your wheel will be more like a hexagon.


flower embroidery tutorial - whipped wheel rose
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flower embroidery tutorial - whipped wheel rose

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