woven sunflower – flower embroidery tutorial

woven sunflower embroidery tutorial

woven sunflower tutorial

The woven sunflower uses the same weaving technique in two different ways. One is the attached weaving method and one is detached. This makes for flexible petals that you can pull in the shape you want it to be.

TIP: For the weaving part of this flower, it helps to use a blunt needle. You can also turn the needle and use the part where you normally hold the needle as if it was the pointy end. This way you don’t have to change threads and can use the pointy end as well as easily weave.

Of course, you can use the pointy end for weave stitches, too.  But be careful to not pierce the base stitches when you weave under them.

Weave the center

Start with the first layer of parallel stitches. Begin with the center stitch and embroider outwards. Doing it this way instead of stitching in one direction only is that it is easier to create a symmetrical look.

Once you finished the first layer, turn your embroidery by 90°. Start in the center again and weave up and down the stitches of the previous layer. Then, stitch through the fabric and come up again a little bit further along the outline of your circle. Repeat the up and down movement alternatingly.

Since you always fixate each row when it’s finished, this kind of weaving is attached to the fabric completely.

woven sunflower embroidery tutorial
woven sunflower embroidery tutorial
woven sunflower embroidery tutorial

Petal weaving

The petals are woven with a detached method. So unlike the weaving of the central circle you did previously, you will not fixate each row on the fabric.

To start, insert a sewing pin or other needle in the fabric like shown in the picture. Then wrap your thread around the needle from the left over the head of the pin to the right. Insert your embroidery needle where your petal joins the central circle and move it up where your pin is on that circle.

Wrap your thread around the pin’s head again (from left to right). You have 3 foundation stitches, now that are wound around the pin’s head.

woven sunflower embroidery tutorial
woven sunflower embroidery tutorial

Tips & tricks

Now, you can start weaving. Try to make the first row very tight or it might leave a wobbly petal tip when you pull out the pin later. Alternately weave up and down the three foundation stitches. Never pierce the fabric during this process!

To finish, stick your needle through the fabric right where one of the outer foundation stitches join the woven circle.

Then, pull out the pin slowly.

Always weave each petal the same way or they will tilt in different directions. For example, I wrap my last foundation stitch from left to right which results in the first row being woven from right to left. This somehow results in a slight tilt to the right for my petals.

If you want to wrap from right to left, you must weave from left to right in the first row or the thread will unravel.

woven sunflower embroidery tutorial
woven sunflower embroidery tutorial
woven sunflower embroidery tutorial
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woven sunflower embroidery tutorial

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