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the no sew mini hoop

Who says mini hoops are only meant for embroidery? It's your hoop, you can do with it what you want! Maybe you have some cute fabric laying around that is too cute to use it? Yes, I'm totally guilty of buying fabrics with cute patterns that I never dare to use for projects. Usually, these pieces of fabric are too small for anything either, because who needs 2m of woodland animals staring in your face? Ok, maybe I need that, but no, I wouldn't make a skirt out of it. Most likely. Maybe I would. Here is the solution for the sacred fabrics that are too good to be used. Display them as a piece of art and whoosh you will want to use it right away!

Using fabric for your mini hoop is great if

  • you have a special pile of collected sacred fabrics never to be touched
  • you have saved lots......

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