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Christmas Crafting List

Over the last years I have made a couple of winter and christmas related things. Here they are all in one place, so that you can find it easily. The list contains DIYs from tutorials/patterns made by me and some other sites, some free, some for purchase. I don't receive anything in return for listing something, these projects are all made with the excitement of trying something out. I will continue to add current christmas related projects to this list to keep this page updated. christmaspapier1

1. Paper ball. Blogged herePattern. 2. Paper stripe star. Blogged herePattern. 3. Folded Paper star. Blogged herePattern.

christmaskerzen 4. Geometric Candles. Blogged herePattern. 5. & 6. Beeswax candles. Blogged here.  
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chilies and indigo weaving

chili4 My chili embroidery is going quite well. I've not yet decided how many chilies I want to put on the bag, but I think I'll add one or two on the top section and then sew it into a bag to hold my dried chilies. Working chain stitch is very relaxing and it goes quite fast! indigo1 The next project I have started is weaving with this beautiful indigo cotton yarn. It's frogged from another project I did not have any use for and it always screamed for being woven, instead of knitted up. So I had this vision of indigo placemats when I frogged the yarn since placemats are just the size I can weave with the small handloom I have. My weaving experience is limited to start weaving until 3 or 5cm and then let......

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Chili embroidery

My chili plants thiw year went crazy and produced a fair amount of nice red chillies. Now that they are almost dried completely I want to make a beautiful, yet practical bag, to storage them. The chilies are stitched on firey red of course, on a lime green fabric. The pictures don't show the real color - it's a bright yellowish green. I think because of the dark clouded weather lately my camera has a hard time getting the greens right. In the middle and last picture the green in the shadows cast by the folds - that's the right green of this fabric. chili2 chili3 chili1...

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Christmas Ornaments and a felt star revisited

Last year I made the glorious felt star from the Purl Bee Blog in extra large as a tree topper. Although it looked good, I secretly wished I had stuffed it. The arms looked wonky and wrinkled (although I used a 2nd layer of felt on the inside to stabilize it) and it was not easy to make it look even and smooth. This week, I cut up the links between the two stars and made a cross cut in the middle of the back to add some light stuffing. Then I stitched the links together again - no need to close the cuts in the middle since they are in the middle of both stars and not visible. Also you can add or take out more stuffing if you are not entirely happy with it, later. So here are the results: [caption id="attachment_3239"......

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color knits and christmas ornaments

I'm swimming in colorful knits lately. Precious red on my red DPN's for a new pattern. rot1rot2 Burgundy/dark pink, dark teal and white for color studies. As you can see I have used stranded knitting and intarsia for this. Intarsia in the round is yet a technique I don't really enjoy. If it wasn't for the beautiful results, I would just leave it be. I have created a tutorial for knitting intarsia in the round some time ago for the penguin handpuppet. Nevertheless I'm still looking for an easier method and found the work of Anne Berk recently. I enrolled in her Craftsy class "Next steps in intarsia" (I hope this link works, if not search for the title and you'll find it!) and like the way she has approached the problem of intarsia......

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DIY: embroidered mini pouches

A while ago I got my hands on a sheet of beautifully woven cotton fabric. I wanted to do something embroidered with it, because the woven structure was simple yet interesting enough to take a closer look. I ended up cutting it into pieces of roughly 15x10cm/6x4inch then embroidered some simple motifs on it. sticksack1 To turn it into a pouch sew together the sides and bottom but leave 2,5cm/1inch open at the top of the side seams. Fold these towards the middle and stitch it in place. Then fold the top of the pouch twice and sew it at the bottom line of the fold. This makes a tunnel for the drwastring you then add. sticksack2 sticksack3 I use mine for various herbs from the garden and the meadows. I......

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Olaf in a tin

My little niece celebrated her birthday this weekend.Looking for handmade gifts in Pinterest I found this incredibly cute mouse in bed in a tin box, that I wanted to make quite a long time. Luckily I had one, which had a not-so-much-childfriendly quote with gummibaers on it. I sanded the print and painted it with 2 layers of white acrylic paint. In the 2nd layer I sprinkled some iridescent very small paillettes. My niece is into "Frozen" like many girls nowadays (and I can't blame her for that) and at first I wanted to make an Elsa doll (and maybe a 2nd as Anna), but it turns out if you don't have the right felt tone for skin, everything looks weird. And I failed at the face and hair and then I decided to go with Olaf, because nobody can ruin a snowman. olaf1
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poems and ufos

gartendruck For a family members garden party I wrote this beautiful poem on green linen fabric. At first I wanted to embroider it, but the letters are so small, it would have taken ages to make this acurate enough and not look odd. I've yet to master lettering with stitches - that's something I adore in other people's embroidery work and I think I will practice this more in the future. gartendruckpausen I wrote the poem in a pretty font I felt could be written by hand easily, printed and window-traced it. I use masking tape left over from painting the rooms to attach the paper and fabric. It leaves no trace and can be removed easily from most surfaces. I used a ball pen to write on fabric. I think you should not wash it, but......

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embroidery pattern: at the cabin

cabin1 The cabin embroidery set is finished and available since today. This is a piece very dear to my heart and it's so good to see it out in the open now. I wish everyone who chooses to embroider these motivs a cozy, happy place to think about while stitching. cabin1 Am Kamin Embroidery skills: - stem stitch, running stitch, back stitch, satin stitch Finished measurements: 20,5x18cm/8x6.9inch Buy here: craftsy dawanda etsy makerist kollabora  ...

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running horses embroidery cushion cover

When I was a teenage girl I loved what most girls love during that time: horses! That feeling of the fur against your hand, this giant animal following you from the pastures so calm and majestic.  And of course riding along the fields and in the forests. It is magical! Since then, horses have only been in the back of my head until my little girl wanted to learn horseback riding, too. It all came back when I walked into the saddle room - the smell of leather and horse hair. Isn't it crazy how deep memories go when you remember a certain smell or hear a particular sound? For example, hearing a sawmill in the morning always reminds me of summer vacation at my grandma :D running horse embroidery pattern The Running Horse embroidery pattern brings the wonderful spirit of horses back into......

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