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5 geometric animals embroidery pattern bundle

All 5 geoemtric animal embroidery patterns are now available as a bundle. The patterns are very simple to do and beginner friendly. But what to do with so many patterns? Hanging embroidered pictures on the walls is not for everybody, so embellish the back of a nice shirt, embroider a cloth bag, a sports bag or the old-fashioned cushion cover. There are so many possibilities! Jana shared a beautiful example of how to apply embroidery to everyday objects here, take a look :) geometricanimals5erset 5 Set geometric animals embroidery skills: - running stitch, whipped running stitch finished measurements: max. 18x10,54cm/7x4.15inch (varies) buy here: craftsy dawanda etsy makerist
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the threaded back stitch


Category: line stitch family, back stitch group

Use: line stitching

Translations: umschlungener Rueckstich/Rückstich (DE); point de piqûre rebrodé/orné/entrelacé (FR); punto pespunte entrelazados (ES)

threaded back stitch

Translations: doppelt umschlungener Rueckstich/Rückstich (DE); point de piqûre double rebrodé/orné/entrelacé (FR); punto pespunte entrelazados doble (ES)

threaded back stitch

back to back stitch

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the stitch-lexicon

In my head formed a slightly monumental project lately - one which will take me a while to finish if one could ever finish. With mammoth sized projects like this I try to overthink every step before going to action so I would not have to do things twice in the end. The problem there often is, that the project becomes more and more undoable the more it grows in my head. This project now is no exception, but because it's something I hold dear to my heart I decided to stop thinking and just start doing so it can grow as it wants. So what is it all about? I've been learning and researching all things embroidery for some time now and I'm so impressed how endless the possibilities seem to be to attach a thread to a surface - isn't it crazy? I have a really good stiching book......

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