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embroidery patter: the geometric rabbit

hase8 Continueing the geometric animals series, here comes the rabbit - or easter bunny. This one is a really really fast embroidery project. Like the others it's stitched in running stitch using pearl cotton and then threaded on the outline, nose and eyes. I could imagine this for easter decoration but in a kid's room, too. So much bunny literature out there to match the theme. Buy here: craftsy dawanda etsy makerist kollabora hase7 hase4 Here are the rabbit's geometric pals:
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Portrait embroidery - the eye

portfeder4 Eyes are so small in proportion to the rest of a head, but so important. I stitched up the eyes yesterday and in the manner of sketching with a pencil made the eyelashes black. The thing is, in nature there are not many things, that are really black. There are lots of very darf colors and especially dark hair looks kind of black when it's very short like with eyebrows or eyelashes. It felt so wrong to stitch in black. My little ne does not wear eyeliner or something like that, but in the portrait it looked exactly that. portfeder5 If there is a thing I learned from knitting it's that: Don't fear to unravel your work if you don't like it or you'll regret it later. Snip snap out go the nasty black eyelashes and......

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drawing with needles

My daughter stood still for a scribbled portrait some month ago. She was so excited that I could really do this, that she made me draw a portrait of her. Of course it is a very rough sketch. I know my little one. One second she is all sincere and tries to be patient, the next second she is gone playing more interesting stuff than sitting still for her Mama. portfeder1 In the weeks before my birthday I begin to think about my life - family - work and everything more deeply every year. Sometimes it's just a recap of everything, sometimes it's more deeply. After so many changes last year it's not easy to do everyday what I have done repeatetly over the last years. I love my work, but I used to love it more and it kind of seems to be......

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My first book is coming out today!

Today is the day I have been working towards for the last year: My embroidery book is coming out! It's so exciting to finally see it's getting real and not just pixels on a screen and a bunch of projects in a box. This is it:


The title - Stick dich glücklich - means Happy through stitching or stitch yourself happy. It's published in German for now, though I hope it gets translated in English someday so I can share my book with you, too! I will show you some of the projects in the book later this week. To celebrate my first embroidery book all of my supplies and handknit items on Etsy are 20% off! There is lots of wonderful things you won't find everywhere like the gold, silver and colored small bells - also......

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Free pattern: the heart card

karte2 It's that time of the year again. Hearts popping up everywhere. My gift for you today is a geometric-style heart card you can make for your sweetheart!

You'll need:

  • 6stranded embroidery floss in red (DMC 321)
  • blank card or folded card stock
  • embroidery needle, scissors, sewing pin
  • heart motif: 13.5x9cm/5.3x3.5inch (download PDF here)
vk2 vk1 1. Transfer the Pattern to your card by sticking a needle or pin through the joints of the heart pattern. This works best if you tape the pattern to the card with removable masking tape. vk3 vk4 2. Stitch all the lines with 3 strands of thread and try to avoid long lines on the reverse side. To start the thread make a big knot which......

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bergskizze At the beginning of every project there is an idea. Sometimes it cirles around my head a long time before I have a clear vision of it, sometimes I can start right away. The project I'm working on right now is one of those long term ideas. The drawing you see above is from 2013. The day I made this sketch I also painted a large painting from it with acrylic paint - in 4 hours. When you are in the zone you just HAVE to paint - nothing else is of interest. Phases like these are so productive it's hard to believe later on how you made it in such a short time. The theme with the mountain and the crystals and the stars never let go of me. The painting is sitting on the sideboard the living room so I see......

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storing preciousness

January is for organizing - sorting through storage - planning - tidying up over here. I want to show you some of my storage "containers" for precious craft things.

1. the pattern book

I keep all of my own patterns in here. Alterations, sketch, gauge, yarn details, charts - all in the on a double page. If all the digital copies of my patterns delete themselves one day or the sun hits the electricity net and all goes to hell (haha slightly exaggerating), I have all of my pattern safe in my pocket in this DIN A5 note book and can help people knitting warm hats and scarfs. Also there is something magical to carefully writing something by hand, glue in snippets and yarn samples, drawing charts and sketches in a book where you can't cover any mistakes. You  have to think before you do. note1
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Some weeks ago I showed you a preview of a piece of embroidery I was doing. Since it has been a christmas present, I didn't want to risk the recepient stumble across any pictures and have a good guess it's for her. Now I can finally show you the finished piece! tine4 This was my first attempt at portrait embroidery and I believe at stitching people at all is something I have never done before. The photo reference is an underwater kiss, which explains the choice of blue fabric, if you've wondered ;). The hair and shadings were the most fun part. I used stem stitch for the outlines, splitstitch for the hair and other minor lines and long stitches for the shadings. tine3 tine1...

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Ganders and felt stars

The gander socks are making progress. I'm working at the second sock now and left the grafting of the toe for later (because I love grafting so much, that I keep it for the last moment like the cherry on a cake - NOT). dreiecke4a dreiecke5 A while back I made this felt star from a pattern by the purl bee. Now it's waiting for the tree to arrive. We have not yet bought one, but since we have a higher ceiling now, this year's christmas tree will be large. I regret not stuffing this a little bit. It get's kind of wonky and is not easily put in place again. If you want to make this felt star, too, I recommend a little bit of stuffing for the largest size. The smaller......

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