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geometric embroidery piece 4

There are some color combinations which I'm very fond of one of which is teal and pink and the other one is yellow and pink. Combined to teal-pink-yellow thie sweet little cross stitch comes out. Compared with the other 3 pieces in this series it is so cheery and round. No need to say I like it a lot!

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Here are the other pieces in the geometric series:  two, three.


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embroidery materials - the basics

Choosing the right materials can be very overwhelming, especially when you are new to embroidery. There is so much to choose from and it's getting more and more complicated the more you research. Does that sound familiar? There is no one thing fits all thing, but there are several standard things you can lean on for the beginning and go from there when you have more specific projects in your mind.

Let's take a look at the 4 major embroidery materials you'll need


1. The Fabric

There is not THE fabric for everything. So the answer for which fabric to choose is very much depending on your project. However, there are some rules of thumb: The smaller and finer your project is, the finer your fabric should be. There are exceptions though, for example, there are small scale cross stitch designs with a looser weave. For cross......

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geometric embroidery part 2

Like last week, I'm enjoying cross stitch right now. Especially the mindless parts where I can circle around given lines make me happy (sometimes when I'm not in the cross stitch zone it's more like: argh this is so boring I don't want to do another cross anymore!). I have a mixed relationship with cross stitch as I stated before mostly because I like freestyle stitching and cross stitching (at least the way I do it right now) requires some more planning before the start. With free embroidery it's more like I pick colors, let them inspire me to make the line drawings, then change a lot while stitching and optimize on the go. It's easy to rip out stitches with most stitches I use at the moment. Cross stitch is quite labor and yarn intensive. I ripped out A LOT of finished areas in this piece below, because the......

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Embroidery hoop bag

hoopbag1 Don't you know where to put your stacks of embroidery hoops without them looking messy? I have a lot of different shapes and colors and used to simply hang them on a nail in the wall tangled together with a lanyard. With every new addition to the hoop family I hoped it will hold the weight and not fall down. hoopbag2 It was when I tried to put my hoop collection in place when I thought, there are knitter's bags, why not make one for embroidery hoops? So the first shape coming to my mind was obviously a circle. I mean when do you possibly have the chance to make a round bag for a practical purpose, right? A circle is also very easy to sew and there is nothing more to it than 3 strips,......

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cross stitch

kreuzstich I went to the local library yesterday and looked for some embroidery books. Along with dozens of knitting books were 4 embroidery books. 2 were related to christmas stitching, 1 basic stitches book and the 4th, well that book was an absolutely stunning collection of traditional austrian cross stitch patterns. It's a book with whole table cloth patterns, church related things, a lot of animals (the kind you find on crests, the really old ones) and filling patterns. I wasn't expecting THIS kind of book in my library and I'm so in love with it. The book is called " Alte Volkskunst - Kreuzstich - Ein Werkbuch" by the Leopold Stocker Verlag Included are more embroidery pattern than someone could ever stitch alone in his life, a practical guide to embroidering cross stitch and some examples of finished objects. Continue Reading

lotus02 I mentioned a couple of times before, that the process of assembling, sketching, matching colors and all the stuff you do before you actually start a project is the process I enjoy most. That's way I don't get tired photographing these stages where you don't see what it's going to be outside of my brain cells. My inner eye sees indian, rich colors, lotuses and full, circling lines. New to the process is an embroidery stitch dictionary I got from my mom to my birthday. Now I can finally see what all the cool stitches I see on Pinterest and other blogs are named in german! I write the english terms below the german so it's easier for me to track them down when I translate my patterns. I don't usually write in books, but this is a book I will keep......

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