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Flower Embroidery Days: round flowers

Let's start with the first part of this series: the round flower. What is the round flower? It's created by spiraling the thread around a center point. There are several ways to do so, but all have in common, that they become either perfectly round or oval.

The woven/whipped spider wheel

This method works great with large and smaller circles. Really tiny ones are not possible with this stitch. First, you determine the size of the flower you want to make because this stitch can't become any bigger than that. The foundation stitches will define how huge this flower will become. The whipped spider wheel creates a very even looking flower. The foundation stitches create a segmented look without an actual line dividing the texture. When you spiral around towards the end, you will notice the previous stitches begin to cuddle and bulk together the more you add on the outside. If you......

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The flower embroidery days: preparations

Flowers, oh flowers. I have long avoided embroidering you, but in the end, you've got me still. I'm kind of in a love-hate relationship with flowers in embroidery. It's by far the most stitched motif - and it's by far the most stitched motif. Wait, what? Flower embroidery is lovely and very simple to stitch. They look great with everything. BUT they also have the reputation of being too old-fashioned (especially in embroidery!) and antiquated or even worse are a symbol of the "oppressed housewife".

Flower embroidery in modern times

Luckily flowers are receiving attention by many modern embroiderers who are showing new twists on this evergreen motif. By now it's almost impossible to NOT see something with flowers on it and finally, finally, flowers got me, too. flower embroidery introduction When I was a kid I spent hours in my grandma's garden picking flowers. She......

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Love³ embroidery pattern collection

Love love love - or Love³. May I present you the first embroidery pattern set of this year! You might have guessed it, it's all about love. Let's take a look: Hint: Tomorrow starts a new series of tutorials to celebrate the Love³ embroidery collection, so stay tuned! It's all about flowers and greenery this time and if you scroll down to the pattern page display you can see a little sneak peek of how they look like ;)

All you need is love - and coffee

This pattern is for the coffee lover! I hung this piece directly at my desk to remind me, that my morning coffee is not just a commodity to keep me awake. It is way more than that! The first cup of freshly brewed coffee (my hubby makes the most delicious one for me every day) is a connecting between the both of us. He has to......

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Pimp your embroidery hoop

We have a WINNER!

Today ends the huge embroidery hoop giveaway and the #embhooptalk Thank you all for participating and involving so much this week. It's amazing how much you support each other in the comments! You are the reason I'm doing all of my tutorials articles. Thank you, thank you, thank you! So I know you want to know what I know and thus I will not longer torture you. The Winner Thank you all for participating and involving so much this week. It's amazing how much you support each other in the comments! You are the reason I'm doing all of my tutorials articles. Thank you, thank you, thank you! So I know you want to know what I know and thus I will not longer torture you. The Winner So I know you want to know what I know and thus I will not longer torture you. The Winner The Winner......

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The Embroidery Hoop Talk: Extraordinary Hoops and where to find them

One question I get asked regularly is this:

Where can I shop hoop x or hoop y? There seems to be no one selling them!
I buy my tools and materials over here in Online Shops from Germany and never had a problem not finding anything I needed. Back when I had the DMC hoops in my Etsy Shop I was very surprised to send them all over the world. I always thought at least the wooden hoops would be all over the place. The truth is, quality hoops are not omnipresent in every country or part of a country. Living in a rural setting now myself, it is a major preplanned operation to go shopping in the "big town" (ok that big town is either our former home town or Berlin, which arguably is THE big town here in Germany and I can get almost everything there). I also......

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Hang hoops without a nail

When we moved into our current appartement one thing caught my eye: huge - white - walls. Our previous appartement was half the height (maybe I exaggerate a little bit) and wall space was reserved for storage almost completely. The rare spots where I could hang some art it would look too crammed easily. So these new white walls not only took me weeks to paint, but also opened a new world to me. The world of displaying art - and how difficult it is to fill up those huge walls with your teeny tiny pieces of art from the previous home, but that's a story for another day. After hours of Pinterest research how to arrange frames in a beautiful layout, I was ready to hammer in my first nail and get started. Got the hammer, got the nail box, hit the nail on it's head (yes, not the finger) and......

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How to finish embroidery in a hoop

So you have spent hours and hours on your precious embroidery piece. You have seen hundreds of pictures on Instagram or Pinterest of pretty hoop wall art. Now you want to hang your embroidery on the wall and - wait a minute!

How am I supposed to tack the fabric in the back so nothing peeks out behind the hoop????! No matter how often I try to tuck it in, at some point it plopps out!!!
Slow down and breathe. I have got you covered. There are a couple of different techniques out there and things are different for different hoops, too. Here are two methods for round or oval hoops I have used before which are simple to do.To be honest, I just made up that name. If you know the real name of this method, please tell :D This method works great if you don't want to do......

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The Who is Who of embroidery Hoops

Let's kick off this new series with an inventory of the different kinds of embroidery hoops out there. When I first started embroidering little did I know about the many options! In my mind wooden embroidery hoops were the only ones existing because that was literally the case. I had never seen another form of embroidery hoop before. Of course I soon found out there were more than one way to get my embroidery in the right tension, but upon researching for this article I was astonished HOW many different kinds of hoops there are.

Let's take a look at the ones I picked out for you

This is the most common embroidery hoop. It's easy to find at craft supply shops and vintage, too. There is a good chance your family owns one somewhere in the attic or a hidden sewing box.


Wooden hoops are made from......

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the embroidery hoop talk

Exciting news my dear fellow embroidery enthusiast: The next week is all about embroidery hoops! How to use them, what hoops there are, how to finish off in a hoop, where you can buy good quality ones and most exciting of all: a giveaway of 8 wonderful Pumora-approved embroidery hoops! But I'm getting ahead of myself, slow down Anne, have I said how excited I am?The Embroidery Hoop Talk is a series of articles all around embroidery hoops. It has started 2014 with the first articles about how to find a good quality hoop and how to find the perfect size of hoop for you. Between Monday and Friday next week the series continues! Jam packed with lots of information around our beloved embroidery hoops. Let's tackle the pro and cons of different embroidery hoops, how to finish off in a hoop, how to hang......

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stitch lexicon round 18

I'll keep things short today and go directly to what it's all about this Saturday! The new stitch tutorials are out and online for you to make incredible things using them.

New in the stitch lexicon:

  stitch lexicon round 18  

Be part of the stitch sampler project

Parallel to the lexicon's new stitch additions I host a Sampler Along called The Triangle Sampler Project (yeah I know, I'm so bad with names ^^). Every other week, there is a set of 3 triangles to practice the new stitches added to the lexicon. It's the perfect opportunity to try out the more unusal stitches and incorporate into an actual project. The Sampler Along is hosted on Patreon, a platform to subscribe to an artist monthly, similiar......

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