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the sunset thingy

regen1 We are having a lot of weird weather lately as it tends to be in April. Rain and sun, rain and sun. Usually I can admire the most beautiful sunsets from my working space, but April is greedy and hides them behind a thick layer of clouds most of the time. BUT! One I could take a photograph of to share with you. wetter1 After editing the photos I think maybe this sunset has influenced my choice of color for this new knitting project, don't you think? Yellow and pink are not my usual colors to work with in knitting. Somehow these two called my name very loudly as I went by the wool storage to choose skeins for my next scarf pattern. I have not much to show you, because I'm very excited about it......

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Hello again

December absorbed me and did not let go of me. I just realized, that I have not posted in a whole month! Lots of stuff was going on, like everywhere else around christmas and the beginning of the new year I suppose. During the last weeks I really had no urge to post and so I didn't. What's the point of meaningless posts, just to fill the statistics? Here are some pictures from last weekend. The christmas tree survived 3 weeks past christmas (we put the tree up on the 24th and decorate it all together). Today I put alle the ornaments away and then it's time to say good bye. On Sunday the light was extraordonarily bright. It was freezingly cold and we had snow for the first time this winter. The kids were sliding on the frozen puddles outside on their bellies (that's when you are glad you have......

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Inbetween the years

The new year is approaching in daily steps. This year has been a year like no other for me in all it's glory and it's fails. I'm equally sad that it's passing and happy to see how the next year unfolds and shows it's hidden surprises. During the last week of 2015 and the first 2 weeks of 2016 all of my patterns are 20% off if you purchase 2 or more.

A Happy New Year to you!

aussicht1  ...

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Christmas Crafting List

Over the last years I have made a couple of winter and christmas related things. Here they are all in one place, so that you can find it easily. The list contains DIYs from tutorials/patterns made by me and some other sites, some free, some for purchase. I don't receive anything in return for listing something, these projects are all made with the excitement of trying something out. I will continue to add current christmas related projects to this list to keep this page updated. christmaspapier1

1. Paper ball. Blogged herePattern. 2. Paper stripe star. Blogged herePattern. 3. Folded Paper star. Blogged herePattern.

christmaskerzen 4. Geometric Candles. Blogged herePattern. 5. & 6. Beeswax candles. Blogged here.  
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color knits and christmas ornaments

I'm swimming in colorful knits lately. Precious red on my red DPN's for a new pattern. rot1rot2 Burgundy/dark pink, dark teal and white for color studies. As you can see I have used stranded knitting and intarsia for this. Intarsia in the round is yet a technique I don't really enjoy. If it wasn't for the beautiful results, I would just leave it be. I have created a tutorial for knitting intarsia in the round some time ago for the penguin handpuppet. Nevertheless I'm still looking for an easier method and found the work of Anne Berk recently. I enrolled in her Craftsy class "Next steps in intarsia" (I hope this link works, if not search for the title and you'll find it!) and like the way she has approached the problem of intarsia......

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Knitting a little rabbit and socks, that look like a river

IT IS COLD OUTSIDE (AND INSIDE HERE). Brrrr, what started as a little bit chilly devellopped into icy cold. It's raining almost all day long and the wind blows against my windows for days. The only good that comes from that is knitting and knitwear to snuggle in. I'm currently knitting a fluffy scarf with an altered version of my Fast Forward pattern. No photos yet... But fluffy yarn is a first for me. Most things I start with such yarn end being frogged in the end... socken4 My special someone gets two pairs of socks from my mother every year- one for his birthday and one for christmas - and since that is covered I didn't bother in years to knit him some, too. The thing is he wears them a lot - that's an understatement - he wears them A LOT! Even in......

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Babies grow - what a discovery - and with the cold weather approaching the super cute baby hat with earflaps (pattern from Purl Bee) I knitted for a friend's newborn baby in spring, is now getting tight around the head. Alas, I thought I made it large enough to last the hole winter, but you know - babies grow faster than you plan. So I'm knitting a new one in toddler size and I hope he can wear it a bit longer then. babymuetze In other news: Today in the morning I had my car outside in front of the house and it was frozen with ice. It's now offically autumn I suppose! When I bring the kids to schol in the morning, the sun just rises and we have fog almost everyday now. So enchanting!......

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quail chicks and frogging

bergen1 I made this cardigan some time ago. It was my first yoked cardi and I learned to knit backwards for this because working stranded knitting in the purls is not my cup of tea and steeking would have made my stomach hurt with this thin and slippery 100% Alpaca yarn. Sadly the cardigan never really fit. It was wide enough, but when I closed the buttons it showed whole between the buttonbands. I don't know if its been the alpaca which naturally is much more wobbly and unstable in comparison to wool or something else I have not yet figured out (I have another alpaca cardigan, which I never close, because of this, but at least that fits well). Additionally the yoke is weird. I have never worn another yoked sweater or cardigan, so I don't know if it's supposed to feel like......

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