new KUMO hat pattern

    kumo7 KUMO is a winterproof hat with a beautiful cably texture and easy to knit. The pattern includes instructions for a slouchy and a men's version. The pattern has a chart and written instructions.

KUMO- cable-textured hat Knitting skills: - knitting in the round - knit and purl - simple cables - kitchener stitch Finished measurements: Slouchy: circumference: 51cm/20inch; length 28cm/11inch Men's: circumference: 45cm/17.7inch; length 23,5cm/9.25inch

Buy here: youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy makerist kollabora kumo6 kumo5
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family history

Last week I received a huge pile of boxes from my great-grandfathers house who passed away recently. He was an artist, gardener and loved to make jokes. opa1 opa2     opa7 We were not very close, but the art somehow connected us. He was a man of many trades in art useing aquarells, making cartoons and wood prints, but also painted small and huge oil paintings especially landscapes. opa5opa6 When I went through a basket full of art supplies, I discovered precious things. A receipt for his school money for art school. Sketches of sleeping beauty for a childrens book. Typography practice sheets. Glittering bronce powders wrapped in old papers. Lots and lots of pencils.
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The Hoop Talk: All about size

Embroidery hoops come in various sizes. As a beginner and even later on it is likely you'll end up using the same embroidery hoop size over and over again. These sizes vary from person to person. It depends on how comfortable you can hold the hoop while stitching and if you prefer stretching your fingers or clinging them to the frame.

The rule of thumb to identify the biggest size you can comfortably hold

Get a ruler and measure the distance between your thumb and your middle finger. This is the distance you can reach with your hands to the middle of your embroidery hoop. Since most embroidery patterns are centered in the frame, this is where you'll probably do most of your stitching. If you can't reach this area comfortably, your hands will ache sooner or later.So measure......

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DIY: feather hair clip

My chicken are molting right now and the upside to their nakedish new look is I have a lot of feathers to make stuff from. federnschwarz When my little daughter got the chance to work with pigeons in the circus her school organized, I knew I wanted to make a tiny accessory for her to wear at the show. So this feather hairclip was proudly worn when she made her tricks with the pigeons in the arena.

How to make a feather hairclip

Materials: 2 feathers 1 hairclip circle of felt about 1x1cm / 0.4x0.4inch in diameter several sequins and beads scissors, glue, needle & thread feather hairclip diy 1. Choose the right size of your feathers and flatten them with the scissors or pliers where you want to glue them to the hairclip. I chose a rimmed hairclip so I had to......

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Fringed napkins

napkins1 As a kid I loved fringes. My grandmother had a tubular pillow on her sofa with 2 large tassels at each end. I spend hours braiding and combing these tassels. During TV, tea time, whenever we sat on that couch, I had my hands on that thing. So if you need something to occupy your little grandchildren or children - buy something with long fringes or tassels! napkins1b When I stumbled over this instructions to fringed chambray napkins at the Purl Bee, I knew I had to make some. Chambray is a special fabric with the thread used for the weft is different than the warp so you get a fabric with mixed colors so to say. I'm always impressed how strong the original colors of the threads look and how they blend so......

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the knitting needle bag

muetze1a This is my current knitting project: a cable pattern hat in Drops Lima (an alpaca - wool blend) nadelbeutel1 I kept my knitting needles in a shabby red plastic bag for some years. When I looked at it yesterday - for the hundredst time regretting the old thing is still there - I decided to make a real fabric bag. It is made from the same fabric as my embroidery hoop bag. I can close it with drawstrings I kept from a christmas paper bag. nadelbeutel2 I think I'll make some for my knitting projects, too! ...

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Kristall no 2: Opal

The Opal is a shiny and colourful gem. It changes it's intensity and colors depending on the way you look at it. I wanted to capture the dynamic and playful colors with this one. While the center is very solid and compact, the mor you go to the outer sections the more it disintegrates into a hint of stitches and paling colors. The making of this new mandala in the yet small series of crystal-themed embroideries: opal1klein first draft with pencil, ruler and black pen - some lines don't match yet - there are still construction errors opal2 second draft on transparent paper opal3klein enjoying the calm and golden eveing light while stitching opal8 finished Buy......

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Alabama Chanin corset

corset0 When I watched a video 2 or 3 years ago where Natalie Chanin made a presentation about the development of her company Alabama Chanin and her way to approach things, I was highly inspired. I have never heard of her before that and had to take a closer look at what clothes she was making. As a passionate embroiderer the idea to sew clothes completely by hand doesn't sound crazy at all. When staying in Japan I had no sewing machine most of the time and made everything by hand. Natalie adds her unique style of applique and beading to everything she makes. The textures that come out of her workshop are beyond gorgeous and I HAD to make something like that. So I tried some embellishing, but the jersey-less person that I am (I seldomly buy new fabrics anymore, I have had a......

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