new shelves for my workspace

regale1 I know this is probably not as exciting for you as it is for me, but I made two shelves completely on my own. Armed with a driller, a screwdriver, screws and a lot of boards I made the addition to my already existing shelf this weekend. Usually a let my hubby do things like this, but he has more stuff like this to do right now which is more important and I thought - hey, I helped last time, I know how it's done technically, let's give it a try. regale2 So this the new storage for my wool and fabric. It's crazy that the content of all the bags and boxes laying around the room fit in these two shelves. himmel1...

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the dreamcastertree and embroidery

kristall1a A new piece of embroidery is in progress right now. I drew the pattern while my children were sitting next to me and silently made their own pieces of arts, listening to the "Traumzauberbaum" a german musical by Reinhard Lakomy which I heard as a child myself so very often. It's such a beautiful story about the dreamcastertree (if I translate this directly hehe) and his 2 minions. The trees leaves are dreams (represented by a song) and the color of the leaf indicates what kind of dream it is. kristall1b When the big dreamcastertree goes to sleep to grow more dreams his two minions ( a kind of gnomes I guess) activate dreams with the tuning fork. In the manner of the sorcerer's apprentice they manage to upset the ghost of winds and rain in......

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Tutorial: How to embroider fringes

Fringes are all the rage now at tapestry weaving, but did you know you can embroider them, too? Fringes add dimension and texture to an embroidery piece. You can leave them as is in loops or cut them open to create the fringes-look.


1. Lay a tool like a knitting needle or a flat piece of sturdy cardboard on the fabric (I will rever to this tool as the spacer). It should have the width you want to achieve for your fringes later. Lay the thread over the tool.


2. With the thread go under the spacer and stitch a little bit on the right of the previous stitch to the point where the thread comes out of the fabric.

loop05 3. Pull the......

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featured on mr x stitch

I have been featured on one of my favorite websites on contemporary embroidery - mr x stitch! I'm soooo excited! mrxstitch06-2014 Speaking of contemporary embroidery. There is a major lack of creating new things over here because almost all of my stuff is at the new place (only 8 days to go and then the show can go on!). Nevertheless I found myself browsing around awesome embroidery projects lately and found Karen Barbé textile artist from Chile with a way of stitching I a-d-o-r-e. If someone would ask me for my favorite designer now, I would name her - seriously! The colors, the shapes, the photography, the composition. She has a great sense of that all and also got me invected to stretch my abilities in techniques further again. Curious? Here is her website.  ...

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My new workshop

arbeit1 So I told you I was moving last time. There is not much to show yet, because everything is a mess, but my workshop is set up! Of course I have to unpack a drazillion boxes and this space will not look this tidy again I suppose. But isn't it huge? Having a table for cutting, a sewing table and a table for my usual chaos is more I could have wished for. My old set up consisted of a table for the computer messed up with everything and a very small sewing table with space enough for the sewing machine. So this is a major upgrade. Also the computer will be in the living room, so my work space will be internet free. I hope this will lead to more creativity and output. I find that the internet is distracting me......

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The Crown is progressing

crown3I showed you this new work of mine last week and it's making progress! Embroidering people is something I have never done before - drawing, yes, but no stitching at all. It's funny that there is a face in this embroidery at all. This piece started with the dashed line of the crown which then evolved into the tiny triangles. When I began stitching I actually wanted to try out a new technique I found in an old booklet my grandmother gave me. Needless to say, that I have not incorporated it yet. crown4This is how it often goes with my embroidery. When I don't have a specific idea in my head when I start embroidering something like this happens - or crap which I don't show haha ;).  Continue Reading

embroidery samplers

My latest obsession are small samplers with simple patterns to practice a single stitch. It started with this satin stitch sampler: sampler1 Then this running stitch sampler where I wanted to test some finishing techniques for reversibility and pattern darning. sampler2 Then came the chaotic cross stitch sampler which was mostly meant to practice color combination and to kill my left over floss stash because ... there is not much to practice with cross stitch, right? kreuzstich2b And last but not least the fir sampler in which I went all green and practiced some leaf stitching. sampler3a The samplers are finished off with running stitch or - in case of the satin stitch sampler - blanket stitch. They are approximately 9x11inch wide and stitched on linen......

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