Tutorial: crochet cast on (knitting)


- compared to other cast on methods it's very flexible - you don't have to worry about the length of a tail like with the long-tail methods - you can use this cast on for a provisional version, too, just use waste yarn for the cast on and knit on top of it with your project yarn. later on you can undo the crochet cast on and pick up your stitches easily


- due to it's flexibility it's not very good at parts where you need crisp edges Essentially you make a chain stitch crochet row with your knitting needle between the loops. If you take out the knitting needle you simply have a chain stitch line. The crochet cast on complements most basic cast off methods. co-crochet...

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Tutorial: Felt flowers pattern

feltflowertutorial1 These two felt flowers are easy to make and don't need a lot of preparation or material. They were very popular at the workshop because they are so fast and easy to make. For one flower you need: - 11cm / 4.5inch x 3.5cm / 1.4inch of felt - scissors - sewing needle and thread (or you cheat and glue it all together, but you have not heard it from me ;)) When you cut the felt in step 2 make sure to cut in more than half way (about 2 thirds) or the stem will be too large. For the large brooch make the felt strip longer and wider. To glue the flowers on hair pins I used power adhesive ( I don't know if that's the right word, it's very strong glue). You can find the lollipop colored hairclips here and the
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Last Tuesday over at the &stitches blog Carina wrote about the backside of embroidery pieces. My embroidery backsides look quite messy because I don't want to invest time and effort for something that's actually not relevant for me or others to look at. Nevertheless I developped some rules for the backside. 1. Every thread should be secure. That's one's obvious, but not so much when you start embroidering sometimes :D I start with a knot and end with weaving in the end by spiraling around the stitches I made before and go through it again in the other direction. When I do french knots or other stitches which include some vicious pulling through the fabric I start the knot somewhere else make a backstitch and go to the place I want to start. 2. No pulling the thread across the embroidery. When I started I simply hated ending and starting threads......

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Back in 2009 I did some scetches I originally wanted to lino-print. I wanted to create a small series of ABC - animals like "carl loves cabbage", "bodo loves boats" and so on. I printed carl the cabbage eater and realized I didn't like lino print that much and the scetches were tucked away in my big folder of unrealized projects. Some time ago I ran through that folder and found these little treasures, decided to give them a try again and stitched 2 of them up. The patterns are available in my shops from today. There are still some fellows in my scetchbook and I can't wait to show you! bodolovesboats fredda0  ...

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april10 I'm back from my 3 day retreat in rural North Eastern Germany. I love it there and the easter bunnies came from the north pole this year, since there was EVERYTHING covered in snow. Imagine driving in the driveway and there is NO single human footprint on the whole property. It looked quite different when we left after 3 days. I took a ton of photos of natural structures and textures. Some of these will perhaps become some new embroidery or knitting patterns. april08 animal footprints in the snow We had a fire stove over there and after 1 day heating the house up it actually stayed really warm over night. We were lucky to bring our huge heavy quilt I made last year. It has totally proven to be warm enough......

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Heute is wieder Donnerstag und dementsprechend gibt es 3 neue Fragen auf dem Etsy-Blog. Today is thursday and it's time for the thursday questions by the german etsy-blog. 1.Wie sieht dein Arbeitsplatz jetzt gerade in diesem Moment aus? Nicht schummeln! Wir wollen das wahre Leben sehen! How does your work space look like right now?

Obligatorischer Kaffeebecher, rechts mein neues Strickprojekt für die nächsten Anleitungen.
The must-always-be-there coffee mug, on the right is my new knitting project for future patterns.
2. Nenne uns 3 tolle Etsy-Shops auf die du während der Aktion gestoßen bist.  Name 3 Etsy-Shops you found during the versand-fuer-umme promotion. Als allererstes muss ich sagen, ich war sehr positiv überrascht wieviele tolle Shops es aus Deutschland auf Etsy gibt. Ich hatte bisher immer den Eindruck, die Anzahl wäre überschaubar - nein! mit dieser überwältigenden Vielfalt habe ich wirklich......

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At the moment I have a new embroidery piece in progress. It's called "Horizont" (german for horizon, hard to guess huh?) and I tried another means to create the background this time. I like chaotic stitching, especially because it's not easy to make something look naturally chaotic. I tend to fall into a rhythm when I embroider, which is not good with chaotic stitching. If there is a rhythm, there comes structure. Sometimes it's best to step back for a moment and watch from the distance. One thing I love about embroidery is, that it looks differently depending from what angle you look at it. If I look at it from the front the colors and text are mixing up and it looks chaotic. Looking from the side the colors suddenly blend in and become more solid. Also the letters get more visible and defined. I used 4 shades of violett, creme,......

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Auf dem Etsy-Deutschland Blog gibt es momentan die Donnerstagfrage, die ich diese Woche auch einmal beantworten möchte: On the Etsy Germany blog there is he thursday question. I give it a try this week:

1. Dein wichtigstes Arbeitsutensil am Arbeitsplatz? Your most important tool on your work space?

Ein wichtigstes Hilfsmittel reicht nicht aus, wenn man den PC rausnimmt, ansonsten wäre es definitiv der PC. Im Prinzip sind es meine Hände, Schere, Stift und Nadeln (Stick- oder Stricknadeln). One tool is not enough, if you leave out the computer, it would be the computer if that's counted in. My most important tools are my hands, scissors and needles (knitting and sewing of course). arbeitsmittel1

2. Zeit-Management bedeutet für dich? What is time-management for you?

So arbeiten, dass ich nicht (so oft) in Stress gerate und trotzdem alles schaffe. Mit Listen und Ablaufplänen komme ich......

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