april10 I'm back from my 3 day retreat in rural North Eastern Germany. I love it there and the easter bunnies came from the north pole this year, since there was EVERYTHING covered in snow. Imagine driving in the driveway and there is NO single human footprint on the whole property. It looked quite different when we left after 3 days. I took a ton of photos of natural structures and textures. Some of these will perhaps become some new embroidery or knitting patterns. april08 animal footprints in the snow We had a fire stove over there and after 1 day heating the house up it actually stayed really warm over night. We were lucky to bring our huge heavy quilt I made last year. It has totally proven to be warm enough......

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At the moment I have a new embroidery piece in progress. It's called "Horizont" (german for horizon, hard to guess huh?) and I tried another means to create the background...

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snail handpuppet

The snail handpuppet is available as a knitting pattern now. It's about time, isn't it? The number one garden visitor needs some new territory - your hands! I love the...

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Back in autumn 2012 I made this infinity scarf and after it refused to be photographed nicely ever since yesterday in the last 30min before sunset at the lake at...

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Feathers / Federn

I'm doing some sketches for new embroidery pieces and had fun doodling these different shapes of feathers. Next step is stitching a mini sampler table cloth on brown linen (about...

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