embroidery stitch lexicon round 17

Let's welcome a new set of stitches into the stitch lexicon! But first, I want to thank you again for your great participation on the embroidery survey! Your feedback and insights are a huge help to make the right kind of tutorials to help you with your struggles in embroidery. If you have not participated, it is still up! It's 7 multiple choice questions short and done quickly. I would appreciate it very much :) So on to the stitches, shall we?

These stitches made it into this round:

embroidery stitch lexicon round 17  ...

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How to become an embroidery designer - the art of failing

Whenever I tell someone I'm an embroidery designer and teacher, the reactions are quite mixed. Most of the time I get a "Wow, that sounds interesting!" or a frowny face trying to hide the strong opinion, that this can't be a "real job" followed by a "Hm.". Oftentimes the next question is: "How do you become that?" (the other option is: "and you can live from that?" I won't dive deeper in this kind of stuff today :D ).

So how do you become an embroidery designer/teacher?

There are very little official paths and I took none of them. The places where you can learn hand embroidery as a profession as a major are very rare in the western world. My personal embroidery designer story started with studying Clothing Technologies in Berlin and I failed big time. What? Yes, I failed and got kicked out. Writing this down - I failed- is making......

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embroidery survey

What's this embroidery survey thing?

Hello fellow embroidery enthusiast. I have been thinking about how to improve the learning experience here on Pumora for the last weeks. If you work alone from home it's getting isolated and your mind starts spinning around certain topics, that mostly no one other than you really care about. Instead of letting my head explode I thought: Hey I could actually ask you! Yes you! My dear reader and fellow embroiderer. To improve Pumora I need your help - your insights - your struggles - your needs. Below is a short embroidery survey and it would help me greatly if you could take the time and fill it out:   ...

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stitch lexicon round 16

Spring Stitches

Is it Saturday already? Time passed by so fast during the last 2 weeks! There is so much happening around here and spring makes the trees slowly greenish again. The other day my son and I drove through our lane and I said to him I could even imagine how the trees were looking like in summer. We are so used to the barren silhouettes! A couple of days later there are leaves and plum blossoms everywhere and my garden shoots up the first spring onions as a messenger for the wonderful things to come.

This week on Instagram I talked about embroidery hoops and what different kinds there are - metal, wood, plastic, square, oval, round - you name it! There are some good tipps in the comments, so make sure to read them (and comment!), too. I also talked about bad......

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lexicon of embroidery stitches

This weekend, the lexicon comes even closer to 150 stitch tutorials. What a number! Around this time last year the idea formed to document all embroidery stitches.

How it all began

When I look back, I wonder how I could even think of this crazy idea to document all embroidery stitches. But to be honest with you, I didn't think that much about it then. There was this desire to absorb new stuff like a sponge and dive deep into something. Back then I made a list to get an overview of all embroidery stitches I could find - and found out quickly that this would be interesting.

The following conversation with my partner during the list making process says it all:

"Darling, I think this project I'm planning is going to take a while." "What, why?" " Well, I have already found over 100 stitches." "Oh, ok, then you have something to do, right?" A......

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Stitch lexicon round 14

The next round of embroidery stitch tutorials is out in the stitch lexicon. This time it's the following embroidery stitches:

embroidery stitch lexicon round 14: bokhara couching - seed stitch - whipped running stitch - palestrina knot - fern stitch Running stitch is the most basic stitch around the embroidery stitches. It may have the reputation of being dull and flat, but have a look at this: It's amazing how the texture changes if you whip the running stitch. The flat one is seed stitch, the raised one is whipped running stitch. I think this picture reflects very well how small alterations of a stitch can change the whole thing. I used this same effect in my geometric animals......

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