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Embroidery pattern: the chambray alphabet

A new pattern is available in my shops from today: the chambray alphabet. It's my very first ABC and I like how the colors blend, but not too much. During my researches for the stitch-lexicon I realized, that many wonderful stitches don't get the chance to even apear in embroidery patterns. No wonder these kind of get lost in all the running and back stitches around. So for this pattern I wanted to use a very simple stitch like the back stitch, but found a neater - and more economic! - way to fill the letters out: The side-to-side stitch. It's a variation of the stem stitch and it creates 2 lines of back stitches in one row AND uses up less thread than 2 sets of back stitch would. So with the side-to-side stitch you save time and thread. I also think it looks neater than......

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