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Finished garments

A while ago I have showed you a cabled red sweater and a red corset handsewn after an Alabama Chanin pattern. I've finished and worn both but never got around photographing it. So here they are: alynrot2 The Alyn sweater is very comfortable to wear and I guess I will have to make a second for me (that's the third Alyn then if you include the one I knit for my dearest) corset4 I just loved to sew this by hand. I can use my sewing machine and for larger projects with straight lines I prefer to use it, but sewing by hand is my favorite. Especially with stretchy velvet I would have had problems using my sewing machine, but by hand - no problem. I will definetly try......

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Alabama Chanin corset

corset0 When I watched a video 2 or 3 years ago where Natalie Chanin made a presentation about the development of her company Alabama Chanin and her way to approach things, I was highly inspired. I have never heard of her before that and had to take a closer look at what clothes she was making. As a passionate embroiderer the idea to sew clothes completely by hand doesn't sound crazy at all. When staying in Japan I had no sewing machine most of the time and made everything by hand. Natalie adds her unique style of applique and beading to everything she makes. The textures that come out of her workshop are beyond gorgeous and I HAD to make something like that. So I tried some embellishing, but the jersey-less person that I am (I seldomly buy new fabrics anymore, I have had a......

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