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hippoSometimes hippos are the best when it comes to weight problems. My summer scarf for the LINKED collection is currently blocking in my window and I needed some weight to get it in the right position. This is probably not how blocking should look like, but it serves it's purpose, right? I'm dreaming of a future when I have space and a fancy board just for blocking beautiful lace on it. But for now its 6 welding wires, some tape, thread, a curtain rod and a hippo. linkedsummer2The yarn is a baby alpaca silk blend from german dyeing team Dye for Yarn (they have 2 etsy shops Dye for wool and Dye for Yarn), very soft and airy. I bought it for myself as a birthday gift in march......

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Sometimes knitting should be selfish, right? I cannot possibly explain why on earth I knitted 2 warm sweaters in the middle of summer and also TWO sweaters in a row just for me. Usually it's work with a little hint of family knitting. I went overboard buying tons of yarn at Lanade, my favorite supplier of DROPS yarns (which I adore, they have absolutely every yarn weight and fiber combination at a resonable price). So next sweater is the first sweater I knit for my hubby. It's a raglan, too, knit with DROPS Lima in dark petrol/blue 65% wool, 35% alpaca. I took the measurements from a very well fitting jacket he has and I hope it will fit well.

briocheraglan1 Half Brioche Raglan in Drops Loves You 3 50% wool, 50% alpaca. Incredibly soft and light. The patterns is selfmade......

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Aulon hat

Something warm for our heads. It's finally getting winter again (as opposed to the rainy 10°C weeks we had before) what calls for warm hats! Each hat used less than 1 skein of DROPS Alpaca. This yarn is so incredibly warm and light.

Buy here:  youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy

Next project is a double knit loop: ...

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