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Geometric unicorn + horse pattern

I have just released a new pattern in the geometric animals series. It’s the Unicorn + Horse! I can’t believe I have not made a horse earlier, since it’s one of the animals most talked about in this family. So last but not least – the unicorn and horse for all you horselovers out there.

Geometric Unicorn+Horse
Embroidery skills:
– running stitch, threaded running stitch
Finished measurements:
unicorn 15x14cm/5.9×5.5inch
horse 15×10,5cm/ 5.9×4.13inch

Buy here: craftsy dawanda etsy makerist kollabora


Knitting a little rabbit and socks, that look like a river

IT IS COLD OUTSIDE (AND INSIDE HERE). Brrrr, what started as a little bit chilly devellopped into icy cold. It’s raining almost all day long and the wind blows against my windows for days.

The only good that comes from that is knitting and knitwear to snuggle in. I’m currently knitting a fluffy scarf with an altered version of my Fast Forward pattern. No photos yet… But fluffy yarn is a first for me. Most things I start with such yarn end being frogged in the end…


My special someone gets two pairs of socks from my mother every year- one for his birthday and one for christmas – and since that is covered I didn’t bother in years to knit him some, too. The thing is he wears them a lot – that’s an understatement – he wears them A LOT! Even in summer he wears them because he says, with woolen socks his feet don’t feel sweaty, while this is the case with other socks.

So this handmade sock loving man continues to wear out socks  from the previous years. He would never ever throw away even the ones with unmendable holes in it, so I did. And I discovered, most have unmendable holes in them and he needs more socks than 2 pairs each year to fill that gap. So I’m knitting socks now for him, which comes in handy, because some left over sockyarn wants to be used up over here. I don’t know about you, but the most fun socks for me – knittingwise – are the leftover yarn socks. Especially when using variagated yarns there is a challenge to make the socks not look funny and too colorful.

With these socks I had 2 variagated yarns and 2 solid greens and blues – 6 colors. I paired the muted colors to the top and the bright ones to the bottom. The middle is all blue and connects both hues. When I looked at the first finished sock, it reminded me of a river with it’s riverbanks on both sides.

socken3 stoffhase3

The friend whom I knit the baby kit for, requested a bigger baby hat with earflaps, because the one I made then was getting too small for all winter. So I knitted and knitted and then I found a pattern for a cute little rabbit toy, which I simply could not resist making for her.

I’m following the pictures of little rabbits, mice and cats from Little Cotton Rabbit via Flickr a couple of years now. I did not realize, she made patterns of her gorgeous plushs, too! I always thought she only sold the finished ones.

I got the “bunny boy with a piebald patch” pattern, because it’s for a baby boy and because I think I can make a skirt or dress without a pattern, but pants and sweaters are easier with a pattern.


According to the author, the pattern is not an easy pattern and I aggree that it’s definitely not a beginner level pattern. The pattern is very well written and the expertise and experience of making many many dolls of this kind shines through. I really enjoyed the process of knitting this little fellow!


Joining in with Nicole in the KCCO Along and Ginny with the Yarn Along.

Enjoy the summer

The last days were the hottest days for a long time here in Germany. On Saturday when we celebrated my son’s 10th Birthday it was 39 degrees (Celsius – that’s 102° Fahrenheit) outside. We nearly melted away, but it was a great party nevertheless. On Sunday the kids and I went to my father’s house at the lake and though it was really hot, it’s so much more bearable when you can jump into the water whenever you want.


I used the opportunity to shoot some new photos of my fox hand puppet. Somewhere on my way of product photography I chose to not take my pictures on humans, but on a neutral background.This was partly because my camera back then didn’t make a great job taking pictures of bright colored stuff especially not while moving around on the hand of a 3-year old.

Now with a very much better camera and a calmer daugther, I made a new attempt to take some photos. The light was so perfect and we had fun doing this together. The photo above is the one I took, the photo below is the one she took. I like how different the mood of both pictures is although they were taken minutes apart of another.



Yes, we had a little bit of fun.


I knitted a bit on my green sock prototype, but you know how great it is to knit in warm weather. I stopped when the yarn didn’t want to slide around my fingers anymore.

I hope you had a great weekend, too!

the lion


Whenever I feel a little bit stuck with my work (the I-don’t-know-where-to-start-so-I-look-at-it-from-every-angle-everytime-of-the-day-and-wonder-what-to-do-first kind of stuck) I get back into the saddle easier by starting something new. Something that was lingering in my mind for months. I have to admit, that I was scared off by this geometric animal thing. I don’t know why, but some nasty voice in my heard always told me I wasn’t good enough at drawing to pull that kind of thing off. After reading a nice essay yesterday, I decided to take the (actually small) leap and give it a try. I absolutely love the look of animals looking straight in your eyes, so that was settled and the lion as a motif was sort of a courage thing, if you know what I mean 😉