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5 geometric animals embroidery pattern bundle

All 5 geoemtric animal embroidery patterns are now available as a bundle. The patterns are very simple to do and beginner friendly. But what to do with so many patterns? Hanging embroidered pictures on the walls is not for everybody, so embellish the back of a nice shirt, embroider a cloth bag, a sports bag or the old-fashioned cushion cover. There are so many possibilities! Jana shared a beautiful example of how to apply embroidery to everyday objects here, take a look 🙂

5 Set geometric animals
embroidery skills:
– running stitch, whipped running stitch
finished measurements:
max. 18×10,54cm/7×4.15inch (varies)

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Adventures in crossing stitches: Underwater creatures III

May I present you the 3rd piece of our underwater creatures series for our mother-daughter-project Adventures in crossing stitches. This set contains the turtle, jellyfish and world domination octopus.



Underwater creatures III
Embroidery skills:
– cross stitch
Finished measurements:
100×83 crosses
Buy here:
craftsy dawanda etsy kollabora makerist


knitting pattern: frog hand puppet

Brand new in the beastiarium of hand puppets – the FROG. Flicking through old photos I found this one – it’s one of my oldest hand puppet designs and one of my favorites, too. Look at these eyes! So cute. Better late than never. Now you can make your own frog hand puppet, too. Knit a golden ball for this and it’s ready to go for a frog king puppet theater.


Frog hand puppet
knitting skills:
– increase/decrease
– knitting in the round with DPNs
– chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet

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embroidery patter: the geometric rabbit


Continueing the geometric animals series, here comes the rabbit – or easter bunny. This one is a really really fast embroidery project. Like the others it’s stitched in running stitch using pearl cotton and then threaded on the outline, nose and eyes.

I could imagine this for easter decoration but in a kid’s room, too. So much bunny literature out there to match the theme.
Buy here: craftsy dawanda etsy makerist kollabora

Here are the rabbit’s geometric pals:

baer10 lion4

Project “a puppet a week”

My only (!!!) new years resolution was to create a new handpuppet every single week of 2012. Whenever it’s possible I will publish the pattern for these puppets, too, but I think it won’t be managable every week.

After mind storming a huge list of animals suitable as a handpuppet I recognized 52 puppets are not enough. If I like handpuppets anymore after this project, there will be more in the future definitely! Since there are so many of them I try to sort them per month, so every month has it’s own theme.

And because 52 handpuppets are not enough work, I also want to use manymanymany new techniques I never used whether they were intimidating, exausting or I simply never knew they were existing. It’s quite intimidating to use a totally new technique on a bigger project like sweaters, jackets or even bags, but it’s ok with smaller things like handpuppets. If there’s a mistake it’s not a big deal to start over again. The following list shows the techniques I used (and never used before) for my handpuppets. Tutorials on special techniques are always included in my patterns and sometimes published on my blog.



January (baby it’s cold outside – Es ist kalt draussen)

#1: penguin – Pinguin, intarsia in the round

#2: walrus – Walross, i-cord (& grafting/kitchener stitch)

#3: ice bear – Eisbär, i-cord

chinese new year: the dragon – Drache

#4: orca – Orca, intarsia in the round


February (into the wild prairie – in der Steppe):

#5: buffalo – Büffel

#6: crocodile – Krokodil, tuck stitch

#7: flamingo – Flamingo

#8: rhino – Nashorn


March (a walk beside the fields – ein Spaziergang übers Feld)

#9: snail – Schnecke(short rows, i-cord)

#10: dachshund – Dachs

#11: mouse – Maus

#12: mole – Maulwurf

#13: great tit – Kohlmeise (intarsia in the round, stranded knitting)


April (in the woods – im Wald)

#14: easter lamb – Osterlamm (cables)

#15: boar – Wildschwein(i-cord)

#16: stag bug – Hirschkäfer (many i-cords)

#17: squirrel- Eichhörnchen (bobbles)


May (under the sea – im Meer)

#18: pelican – Pelikan (short rows)

#19: lionfish – Feuerfisch (manymanymany i-cords)

#20: turtle – Schildkröte (crochet)

#21: squid – Tintenfisch (8 I-cords ;))

#22: lobster – Hummer


June (raw like a dinosaur)

#23 Brachiosaurus

#24 Stegosaurus

#25 Triceratops

#26 Parasaurolophus


July ( curious creatures in cozy houses)

#27 Corgi

#28 green-eyed cat

#29 cockatoo

The a-puppet-a-week-project is currently on pause. But I will continue sometime in the future, not so soon, though. I’m really pleased I made it this far with this project and made it through the first half.