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Miniature embroidery with Eira Teufel interview #embroideryartist #handembroidery

Today, I want to introduce you to Svetlana the mastermind behind the miniature embroidery pieces of Eira Teufel. Svetlana lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and was kind enough to answer my questions about her work. She embroiders he tiniest animal portraits on little necklaces and t-shirts and makes the cutes shiny fish brooches.  

Hi, Svetlana, I'm so glad to have you here! Could you give a short introduction so my readers know who you are?

This is the question that always irritates me. Well, let's try it... I'm known as an embroidery artist but I'm having a background as a programmer. Coding - yes, that is what I like to do, too. Additionally, I'm a nerd - I play DND, prefer to stay at home, and have a handful of friends in real life. I hate loud parties, small-talks, go shopping and more. All of my laptops had a name. At first glance, this......

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