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more baby hats

Babies grow – what a discovery – and with the cold weather approaching the super cute baby hat with earflaps (pattern from Purl Bee) I knitted for a friend’s newborn baby in spring, is now getting tight around the head. Alas, I thought I made it large enough to last the hole winter, but you know – babies grow faster than you plan.

So I’m knitting a new one in toddler size and I hope he can wear it a bit longer then.


In other news: Today in the morning I had my car outside in front of the house and it was frozen with ice. It’s now offically autumn I suppose! When I bring the kids to schol in the morning, the sun just rises and we have fog almost everyday now. So enchanting! I wish I could drive the way to school by bike to enjoy the scenery more, but there sadly is no save and short way to cycle with two kids. With the freezing weather come out my woolen sweaters and hats and scarves… hmm… it’s so great to have all these handknits to warm you and the whole family!

Joining in with Ginny and Nicole.



Summer – the kids are around all the time, the weather plays nice and sometimes stormy, the garden is growing, the quails and hens are laying massive amounts of eggs and I’m collecting herbs to dry for tea season.

This wonderful and huge lavender bush of my grandma’s given me a share of blossoms. They smells so strong and rich!


I refilled the small pillow my mother made for my daughter with my grandma’s lavender. The smiling face now stays for us 3 holding our hands over her.


Below are drying narrow-leaf plantain and mullein. This is the first time I found mullein (only 1 huge and a small plant) and picked the flowers. Picking the flowers was almost like the plant gave them to me freely, it was so easy to take them. The mullein is a plant I have read about long ago and since it’s a herb for the respiratory system, which is a weak spot for me and my family, I’m so glad I found this beautiful plant here at our new home. I hope I can take some seeds and spread them in the garden for a higher yield next year.


There is lots of fibery stuff going on at my workspace right now, but the most exciting (for me at least!) is this:


The baby knit kit

The last week my knitting was all baby knits. A friend of mine is expecting and it’s her first baby so she will need some baby knits, right?

It started so harmless with the Wills sweater from Rowan Classic Babies, Book 4. I knitted this exact same sweater for my boy when he was 6 months or so and I loved the construction of the yoke and wanted to make this again.


Then I looked for a hat pattern and found the Garter Ear Flap Hat by the Purl Bee. It’s such a clever and easy design because the ear flaps are not attached afterwards, but knitted on the go with shortrows. I like earflap hats for babies because on tiny heads, hats tend to slip over the forehead too much when you want to cover the ears.


Then I got lost on the Purl Bee website and made the infant mittens and the baby moccasins, too. I’m still in love with the elfin hats, but did not get around making them yet.

Together with the baby quilt I made them for their wedding, I think that’s a good start for handmade baby stuff. Tiny things like these are done so fast, it’s a joy to knit them after huge projects like two adult sweaters in a row. Even the garments for my kids take so long now, because the grow much too fast. It’s not that I don’t enjoy knitting for them, too, but it’s wonderful to knit up tiny baby things in 2 hours, sometimes.



Joining in with Nicole.