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Chili embroidery

My chili plants thiw year went crazy and produced a fair amount of nice red chillies. Now that they are almost dried completely I want to make a beautiful, yet practical bag, to storage them.

The chilies are stitched on firey red of course, on a lime green fabric. The pictures don’t show the real color – it’s a bright yellowish green. I think because of the dark clouded weather lately my camera has a hard time getting the greens right. In the middle and last picture the green in the shadows cast by the folds – that’s the right green of this fabric.




DIY: embroidered mini pouches

A while ago I got my hands on a sheet of beautifully woven cotton fabric. I wanted to do something embroidered with it, because the woven structure was simple yet interesting enough to take a closer look. I ended up cutting it into pieces of roughly 15x10cm/6x4inch then embroidered some simple motifs on it.


To turn it into a pouch sew together the sides and bottom but leave 2,5cm/1inch open at the top of the side seams. Fold these towards the middle and stitch it in place. Then fold the top of the pouch twice and sew it at the bottom line of the fold. This makes a tunnel for the drwastring you then add.



I use mine for various herbs from the garden and the meadows. I usually have only small quantities of these, because I don’t need that much over one year. You can change the size for your own pouches of course. I think of them as little embroidery samplers in action 🙂



storing preciousness

January is for organizing – sorting through storage – planning – tidying up over here. I want to show you some of my storage “containers” for precious craft things.

1. the pattern book

I keep all of my own patterns in here. Alterations, sketch, gauge, yarn details, charts – all in the on a double page. If all the digital copies of my patterns delete themselves one day or the sun hits the electricity net and all goes to hell (haha slightly exaggerating), I have all of my pattern safe in my pocket in this DIN A5 note book and can help people knitting warm hats and scarfs.

Also there is something magical to carefully writing something by hand, glue in snippets and yarn samples, drawing charts and sketches in a book where you can’t cover any mistakes.

You  have to think before you do.

note1 note2

2. the knitting neede bag

There are people who store their circular needles tidy in zipper bags and sorted by numbers. I have a huge bag where they all fit in and one of my wooden needle gauges to check the size.

nadelbeutel1 nadelbeutel2

3. the embroidery storing case

My newer embroidery pieces go in there to stay flat and save from sun light – which would attack the colors. I have a piece of thick fabric in which I keep my older embroideries covered.

See the How-to for this storage here.

mappe5 mappe2

4. the embroidery hoop bag

All of my hoops fit in here. As you can see I like matching fabrics with my storage things!

hoopbag1 hoopbag2

5. the paper folder

This is a folder I made in 2002 or 2003. I was drawing and painting a lot during that time (preparing for art school) and I wanted something nice to put my drawings in. When I think back, I had more fun planning and sewing this folder than filling it with my drawings. That should have been the first sign for me that textiles are more me than grafics.

It has 3 side pockets which can be opened with buttons to get either one huge side pocket or one small and one medium. It’s wrapped around with a leather band I had from a broken dreamcatcher. So much love went into this folder, it’s a silent reminder of a time when inspiration was overflowing and the world wide wide open.

storage1 storage1b

the knitting needle bag


This is my current knitting project: a cable pattern hat in Drops Lima (an alpaca – wool blend)


I kept my knitting needles in a shabby red plastic bag for some years. When I looked at it yesterday – for the hundredst time regretting the old thing is still there – I decided to make a real fabric bag. It is made from the same fabric as my embroidery hoop bag. I can close it with drawstrings I kept from a christmas paper bag.


I think I’ll make some for my knitting projects, too!

Embroidery hoop bag


Don’t you know where to put your stacks of embroidery hoops without them looking messy? I have a lot of different shapes and colors and used to simply hang them on a nail in the wall tangled together with a lanyard. With every new addition to the hoop family I hoped it will hold the weight and not fall down.


It was when I tried to put my hoop collection in place when I thought, there are knitter’s bags, why not make one for embroidery hoops? So the first shape coming to my mind was obviously a circle. I mean when do you possibly have the chance to make a round bag for a practical purpose, right? A circle is also very easy to sew and there is nothing more to it than 3 strips, 2 circles and a zipper. I will make an embroidery project bag, too, featuring an inside pocket for needles, floss and scissors. It’s lined with felt so even if the bag falls down, it should save my hoops from damage.

A sewing tutorial will follow after the weekend!



See right in the middle on the wall. That’s when I had only 5 hoops (there are only 3 hanging on the wall), now there are 15 :). How do you store your embroidery hoops?