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brioche hat continued

I finished the brioche pattern hat. It's way too big (my son can cover his whole head in it if he turns down the brim...). *sigh* Brioche stitch stretches so unpredictably! I started the first version with 10 or 20 stitches  bigger, yet the smaller version is too big. this is not my first hat, but the brioche keeps me at the edge of my sanity. The good thing is, my son said he likes the hat because it's so warm and squishy. At least a silver lining :) I'll start a new - smaller - one next year. briochehat3 briochehat4...

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brioche swatching

After all the embroidery posts lately, I'm doing some knitting again! What started as a hat version of the trigonometric loop developped into a completely new project (surprise - surprise!). I was looking for a less boring way to make the ribbing besides a simple 1x2rib - the cowl version starts with the pattern right away, but I like some sort of brim for hats. So my mind somehow came across brioche stitches. The trigonometric pattern is very textured and a textured brim could have looked good. Halfway through the brim I wondered what happens when I insert 2 rounds of stockinette. And then I somehow created a new pattern. briochehat1 The intermitted half brioche stitch. I call it that way because I have not found a picture of a similiar pattern yet, but I'm pretty sure someone has already thought of it :D After some......

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Free Knitting Pattern - Silver Lining

horizont01aIn April I got my hands on some gorgeous thick and thin yarn by Drops. It's the Drops loves you #3 made of 50% wool 50% alpaca and it's one of the best yarns I have touched this year. It's soft and warm and comes in a lovely palette of colors. The thing with thick and thin yarn is it's not suitable for every pattern. I tried some lace and it looked like crap, I tried some cabling and linenstitch, not the best results either. Then I decided to give the brioche stitch a try. As with linenstitch the  stitches are slipped and blend every row/round into the next or previous row/round. This works great with color transitions, because the borders get blended and don't create a strict line, but this is also perfect for thick and thin yarns......

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