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brioche hat continued

I finished the brioche pattern hat. It's way too big (my son can cover his whole head in it if he turns down the brim...). *sigh* Brioche stitch stretches so unpredictably! I started the first version with 10 or 20 stitches  bigger, yet the smaller version is too big. this is not my first hat, but the brioche keeps me at the edge of my sanity. The good thing is, my son said he likes the hat because it's so warm and squishy. At least a silver lining :) I'll start a new - smaller - one next year. briochehat3 briochehat4...

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brioche swatching
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brioche swatching

After all the embroidery posts lately, I'm doing some knitting again! What started as a hat version of the trigonometric loop developped into a completely new project (surprise - surprise!)....