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quail chicks and frogging

bergen1 I made this cardigan some time ago. It was my first yoked cardi and I learned to knit backwards for this because working stranded knitting in the purls is not my cup of tea and steeking would have made my stomach hurt with this thin and slippery 100% Alpaca yarn. Sadly the cardigan never really fit. It was wide enough, but when I closed the buttons it showed whole between the buttonbands. I don't know if its been the alpaca which naturally is much more wobbly and unstable in comparison to wool or something else I have not yet figured out (I have another alpaca cardigan, which I never close, because of this, but at least that fits well). Additionally the yoke is weird. I have never worn another yoked sweater or cardigan, so I don't know if it's supposed to feel like......

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a cardigan for her

penelope1 I finished the burgundy cardigan for my daughter. The edges are made with i-Cords, so is the closure for the buttons. The cardigan is worked to-down and with the sleeves I tried the contigouos method. Once the basic calculations found their way into the part of my brain which understands math and logic principles, it was actually pretty easy to figure things out. You know, once it clicks nothing can stop you. penelopeThe shirt she wears is an old shirt of mine I have worn a lot when she was still in my belly. I altered it to toddler size when she was 3 and she wears it occasionally. It's such a pleasure when she picks this garment, because it always reminds me of the days when she was kicking my belly and ribs from......

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a girl's cardigan

swatchI got the book "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns" by Barbara Walker yesterday. It was highly recommended and I finally decided that there is room for another pattern book. This book is packed with patterns and I love it! I fell in love with a certain slip stitch pattern and had to try it out and the BOOOM the idea of a short cardi with short sleeves for my girl hit me. It's worked with the contiguous method by Susie Myers for the sleeves because I can't see any more raglan shapings for the next months in my knitting basket. Madame choose the burgundy-white-green version of stripes, while I would have opted for the blue stripe. The blue-white-green version is my absolute favorite (on the right in the picture) but I don't have enough blue yarn left. When I have found......

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