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7 days of stitches: chain stitch

UPDATE: Originally I wrote this post in February 2014 as a tutorial series. However, I recently felt that it would be great to vamp this series up and add some new insights of my own, picture examples and a pinterest board to get in the mood to start stitching! So if you are reading this in 2016 and later: Hello! You are reading the better and improved version :D
Number 3 in this series of 7 basic embroidery stitches is the chain stitch. This stitch can be used as a line stitch or to fill whole areas with embroidery. You can substitute back stitch with chain stitch in most line stitching patterns easily.

Here is how it works:

chainstitch1 Stick the needle in the same hole where the thread comes out and pull it up at one......

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I took a plunge and bought some light blue DMC embroidery floss on a cone. The yarn is enough to circle the medival city wall of my town twice! I would totally do that if it wasn't so expensive XD It's going to be a pillowcase. The pattern is a design from last years HORIZONT collection stitched up in chain stitch on coral linen. kissen1e kompass01 the original compass kompass06 the original sketch Crafting along with Nicole's Keep Calm and Craft on....

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