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New embroidery pattern: the advent calendar

I have shown a little bit of this cross stitch piece every now and then. Now it’s finished! My cross stitch advent calendar! This pattern is part of the collaboration with my mother. She is the designer behind the motifs and I rearranged them to one picture, changed some little things and made a pattern out of it.

mother daughter

Christmas is not exactly around the corner right now, but let me tell you, it’s going to take while to stitch this one up, so it’s best to start a bit earlier then december. It took me about 2 weeks to make this one happen (the stitching alone). Some motifs are faster to make and some take their time, but at average you could do this as an actual advent calendar – one motif a day in december. This is of course if you do have time to stitch in december among all the other stuff that’s going on during that time of the year.

Getting each piece finished is kind of addictive and it’s so satisfiying to see the calendar grow. My favorite is the wreath. It was love at first sight and that’s why it’s place is right in the middle of it all.

I embroidered the numbers in gold thread, which is a pain to handle, but for such small things the effect definitely weights out the trouble. I’m very excited to see this framed in the light of

many candles when the wintertime comes.

advent calendar

advent calendar
Embroidery skills:
– cross stitch
Finished measurements (motif):
– horizontal 146 crosses – 23,36cm/9.2inch
– vertical 168 crosses – 26,88cm/10.58inch
Buy here:
craftsy dawanda etsy kollabora makerist

advent calendar

Christmas Crafting List

Over the last years I have made a couple of winter and christmas related things. Here they are all in one place, so that you can find it easily. The list contains DIYs from tutorials/patterns made by me and some other sites, some free, some for purchase. I don’t receive anything in return for listing something, these projects are all made with the excitement of trying something out.

I will continue to add current christmas related projects to this list to keep this page updated.


1. Paper ball. Blogged herePattern. 2. Paper stripe star. Blogged herePattern. 3. Folded Paper star. Blogged herePattern.


4. Geometric Candles. Blogged herePattern. 5. & 6. Beeswax candles. Blogged here.



7. Knitted gift box ornament. Blogged here. Pattern. 8. Snowflake Mandala. Blogged here + Pattern. 9. DIY Advent Calender. Blogged here.


10. Knitted Christmas Stockings. Blogged here + Pattern. 11. Reindeer Hand Puppet. Blogged here + Pattern. 12. Snowflake Ornaments. Blogged here + Pattern.


13. Felt Star Tree Topper. Blogged herePattern. 14. Sweet Home Ornaments. Blogged herePattern.


Christmas Ornaments and a felt star revisited

Last year I made the glorious felt star from the Purl Bee Blog in extra large as a tree topper. Although it looked good, I secretly wished I had stuffed it. The arms looked wonky and wrinkled (although I used a 2nd layer of felt on the inside to stabilize it) and it was not easy to make it look even and smooth.

This week, I cut up the links between the two stars and made a cross cut in the middle of the back to add some light stuffing. Then I stitched the links together again – no need to close the cuts in the middle since they are in the middle of both stars and not visible. Also you can add or take out more stuffing if you are not entirely happy with it, later. So here are the results:

christmas felt star topper


christmas felt star tree topper


I promised you a picture of the 3 christmas ornaments and here they are:

posie2   posie3

This door is my absolute favorite. The wreath is so beautiful to stitch up and I think I could use it for some christmas cards. The pattern is the “Sweet Home Ornament Set” by Alicia Paulson.


color knits and christmas ornaments

I’m swimming in colorful knits lately. Precious red on my red DPN’s for a new pattern.


Burgundy/dark pink, dark teal and white for color studies. As you can see I have used stranded knitting and intarsia for this. Intarsia in the round is yet a technique I don’t really enjoy. If it wasn’t for the beautiful results, I would just leave it be. I have created a tutorial for knitting intarsia in the round some time ago for the penguin handpuppet. Nevertheless I’m still looking for an easier method and found the work of Anne Berk recently. I enrolled in her Craftsy class “Next steps in intarsia” (I hope this link works, if not search for the title and you’ll find it!) and like the way she has approached the problem of intarsia in the round. Sadly, I have not yet found a tutorial of this technique that’s free, but if you like intarsia it’s worth a look.

color1 color2

In the matter of a certain time of the year approaching, I have dug out the christmas ornament kit from Alicia Paulson that is waiting to be finished for a long time now. It’s the “Sweet Home Ornament Set”. I looked for new patterns, but she seems to have broken her tradition of releasing a new set every year. When I bought mine in 2011 I finished the candle, but never got around beginning the other two ornaments. The rabbit was a fast thing, but as you can see in the picture below, the beautiful door takes a little bit mor effort. I finished both by now, but forgot to take a photo and already hung them around the house. I’ll try to remember to take them down and make a photo of them together.


One of my dear customers send me a picture of a gym bag she made for a friend with my geometric bear embroidery on it. It came out beautifully! See for your self.

Seeing pictures of finished embroidery/knitting from my patterns is always a rewarding experience for me and it makes me very happy!

I wish you a wonderful weekend, soon,


Ganders and felt stars

The gander socks are making progress. I’m working at the second sock now and left the grafting of the toe for later (because I love grafting so much, that I keep it for the last moment like the cherry on a cake – NOT).

dreiecke4a dreiecke5

A while back I made this felt star from a pattern by the purl bee. Now it’s waiting for the tree to arrive. We have not yet bought one, but since we have a higher ceiling now, this year’s christmas tree will be large.

I regret not stuffing this a little bit. It get’s kind of wonky and is not easily put in place again. If you want to make this felt star, too, I recommend a little bit of stuffing for the largest size. The smaller sizes are probably doing ok without.

UPDATE: I did stuff it now and it looks a lot better. Click here for pictures and how I have done it.)



new pattern: snowflake felt ornaments

This collection of felt tree ornaments comes with 7 different patterns and 1 variation.

Step-by-Step pictures and written instructions make it very easy to progress through this pattern. The ornaments range between beginner and medium level.

Included are:

  • 7 patterns ready to print
  • step-by-step shots and instructions
  • detailed material list and additional instructions for each snowflake
  • picture of each finished snowflake
  • instructions how to make the ornament reversible
  • instructions in german and english

The patterns use very basic embroidery stitches, so if you are new to embroidery don’t get intimidated. The embellishments are made in running stitch for the most and for some you need to know how to do the daisy stitch which is a kind of chain stitch. You can easily omitt the embellishments if you don’t feel like it!
Buy here:   craftsy dawanda etsy kollabora makerist


christmas diys and patterns

With the holidays coming soon the christmas related patterns get out of their dark hole and can shine for a little moment again.


May I present you the reindeer handpuppet. He or she comes with red nose and antlers, ready to dash through snow covered hills.
Buy here: ravelrypatternfish craftsy dawanda etsy

Then there are the christmas stockings. I guess many of you don’t want to knit 15 different stockings for their beloved ones so every stocking pattern is available individually, too. Exception are the norwegian, traditional style ones which come in a set of 6 only.

The stocking patterns all work as a normal size womens sock if you replace the yarn with 4ply or 6ply sock yarn.The heel is a half heel to avoid these nasty bumps when hanging them flat. If you want to wear them you should make a whole heel of any kind.
Buy here: youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy


Take a look at the “absence of snow” embroidery pattern. It’s for free and very simple to make!


Now we come to the paperworld. The pattern to this ball is not my own, it’s linked to a great website with many papercraft projects.


This paper star, too, is a linked pattern and not my own creation. I did love to make the star in the picture though and it will hang in my window again this year.


This window star is a real delight to make and simple enough for children (with patience). This and the many other star patterns on the linked website are made from 6-12 single elements. It takes 3-8 folds to make one element. Most of them are easy to remember and if you place the finished star against a source of light you’ll see the magic happen. My kids loved to assemble their personal star and glued it to their windows.


Here is my post on making beeswax candles with the kids. We tried pulled and pourred candles and it was a blast for the kids. Beeswax candles are on my to-do-list for this year again. we’ll see if we manage to do so before christmas or after.


If you like your candles geometric, these are the right ones for you! See the link for a recap of how I would have done things differently and how we made them.

Advent preparations


My kids and I made an advent calendar last year out of self-made small paperbags. This year I wanted to do something more durable so we we didn’t have to make new bags every year – and save some waste, too. So some month ago I began cutting up rectangles out of leftover fabric from an old linen curtain. Then it layed until last Saturday to be sewn up.


On Saturday I sewed the bags up in one go and let the kids scribe the numbers on their own bags with a glittery-green iron-on fabric pen.

Then they filled most of the bags themseves and I tied them up with ribbon. Instead of hanging the bags on a line like last year, we put them into flat baskets this time. Some bags are filled by me and keep secret gift my kids don’t know yet, but most are filled with small amounts of sweets.

I really wanted to try to insert clever and usefull items in the bags last year, but finding 48 items without getting poor or work for it a lot is not easy. So the calendar is partly useful gifts and mostly sweet tooth stuff. The kids enjoyed making their own calendars a lot and all that matters for me is that they appreciate making and enjoy the result.


After opening the bags they put the ribbon into the bag and lay it into another basket so everything stays tidy. After the 24th I simply sort out the bags, bind them together and put them into the christmas box for next year.

christmas crafting: folding window paper stars


I found this awesome link to a german/swiss website where there are 10 directions to folding paper stars. These stars are super easy to fold and my kids and I had a blast making them. Most of the stars constist of 8 pieces of paper which you each fold 3-7 times then glue all of them together in the middle section. The writer of the directions uses transparent paper, but it works with normal thin paper (we used pre-cut folding squares), too. To find out if your paper works, just fold one piece and hold it into the light and you’ll see if it shines through. Or hold 3-4 sheets of paper in the light and see of you can see the shades through.

Here is the link to folding christmas window stars.

Everything is in german, but don’t worry, there are step by step pictures and I rarely read the text anyway.

PS: Yes I have to clean my windows 😉




It’s getting colder so it’s totally eligible to embroider Christmas stuff right? RIGHT?


The thread is sewing machine thread by Guetermann. I took 4 strands of this to embroider in whip stitch. The color is so sparkly and nice, I like it a lot. My mother gave this to me, because she had problems with breaking threads in the sewing machine with this thread. However, sewing this thread by hand is easy.


serious knitting action

With christmas coming near in wide steps, I got this idea in my head I might be able to finish the 2 sweaters I started for my better half and myself. Turns out my left hand doesn’t like knitting thick yarn for days and started to hurt a little bit. Nevertheless I slowly finish my purple top (there is only the sewing and the neckline left) and make stitch to the new mittens every now and then. I guess the men’s sweater has to wait for a little longer until the pain is no longer.

I figure the pain comes from my way of holding the yarn. I knit with the yarn in the left hand and thus stretch the index finger out. I always found it a little bit stressful for my finger to hold for a long time and tried to alter the position near to the left needle. It’s not that easy to change a thing you did this way for so long. My mother comes to visit tomorrow and she helds her index finger slightly different than me. I will try that!


left to right: men sweater, fingerless mittens, my sweater


We cut our christmas tree in the woods this year for the first time! It was so much fun to walk around and choose OUR tree. Quite an adventure for the kids.


This christmas ball was a fun thing to do this week. Tutorial for this cutie is here. I think I’ll fold some half balls to attach to presents…

Reindeer, stars and pullovers

Constantly reminded, that I have only cardigans but not one fitting pullover I searched a pattern and cast on this gem by Amy Herzog. I enjoyed her fit for flatter blog series last year and it kind of was a revellation to me. It’s now easier to scan for the right clothes suiting my body shape.


The book is “Long way on a little” by Shannon Hayes and it’s a great read – for a cookbook. Thus far I love her way of thinking and since me and my family still want to have a pig and chickens, it’s good to have a book at hand which shares recipes for the unusual parts of these animals meat, too. thus far i really really love it!

Although christmas seems to be far away for me (it’s rainy and no snow in sight over here in Germany!), there are some christmas related craftings going on. There is this marvellous paper star pattern which I had to try out immediately. It’s made entirely out of strips of paper (and glue) so no nasty cutting out shapes you have to print out before. That’s a huge plus!


Also, there is a new handpuppet pattern in the shops. You could have guessed it: it’s the reindeer! With christmas around it’s a red-nosed one of course. I made some for the christmas bazaar at my daughters kindergarden, I hope every rudolph finds a child to attach to.
Buy here: youtubepatternfish craftsy dawanda etsy

the vehicle christmas stockings knitting patterns

Phew I did it! The vehicle stockings I made in the last weeks are available as an ebook and as single patterns now. I enjoyed making these three patterns alot. The inner child in me always thrives when I do pixel art in bright shiny colors.

So here they are:


Buy here:  youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy

I showed you the cars stockings a while ago and a sneak peek of the other two. There are two color options for the plane stockings, one dark blue and one light blue (which you can see in the picture above). Because I get asked quite often if these can be knit in a normal size: Yes they can. I knitted a pair of star stockings in sock yarn and the fit my feet (size 7). However this depends alot on your gauge with stranded knitting. Regarding the modular nature of the vehicle stockings you could make them in every size by leaving out one or two vehicles in every line, depending on how big the socks should be.


Knitting Pattern: cars christmas stockings

Over time christmas stockings became quite an obsession for me. New ideas for motif collections kept flowing in my brain and this is one of them:

stockingscars2Sometimes the traditional christmas motif get boring for me and then cars, planes, ships and rockets make their way on christmas stockings over here. The cars were a fun knit and I will definetly do some water and sky vehicles, too. It’s just a matter of time, like always.

The cars christmas stockings are available here: youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy


Available as a set with the other vehicle stockings patterns! youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy


Preparing for Christmas

What, christmas? I don’t want to even think about it right now, right? Actually. But somehow the christmas stocking mood came over me and I whipped up a set of 3 heart patterned stockings. I have some boys stockings in the making, too. It’s so relaxing to knit some pixel art! My daughter keeps complaining that these lovely pink stockings are way to big to fit her tiny feet. Maybe I should scale them down to different sizes? I knitted the stars stockings with sock yarn and they fit perfectly (my big feet, not hers, I would have to knit hers in sewing lace yarn to get gauge, I fear).


Christmas Stockings HEARTS Set available in all of my shops

Buy here:  youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy

Christmas Stockings

The christmas stocking collection varies between classic norwegian patterns, chaotic and geometric patterns. All patterns are available as a set so that siblings can get their own stocking pattern each.

6socks 6socks2

6 christmas stockings norwegian patterns
Knitting skills:
– increase/decrease
– knitting in the round
– two-stranded knitting
Finished measurements:
smaller socks: 13.4×5.3inch/ 34×13,5cm
bigger socks: 16×5.3inch/ 41cmx13,5cm

Buy here:  youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy


STARS christmas stockings
Knitting skills:
– increase/decrease
– knitting in the round
– two-stranded knitting
Finished measurements:
16×5.3inch/ 41cmx13,5cm

Buy here:  youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy


HEARTS christmas stockings
Knitting skills:
– increase/decrease
– knitting in the round
– two-stranded knitting
Finished measurements:

Buy here:  youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy


CARS christmas stockings
Knitting skills:
– increase/decrease
– knitting in the round
– two-stranded knitting
Finished measurements:

Buy here:  youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy


SHIPS christmas stockings
Knitting skills:
– increase/decrease
– knitting in the round
– two-stranded knitting
Finished measurements:

Buy here:  youtubepatternfish craftsy dawanda etsy


PLANES christmas stockings
Knitting skills:
– increase/decrease
– knitting in the round
– two-stranded knitting
Finished measurements:

Buy here:  youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy


VEHICLE christmas stockings set
Knitting skills:
– increase/decrease
– knitting in the round
– two-stranded knitting
Finished measurements:

Buy here:  youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy