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cross stitch - 7 days of stitches

It's time for the 4th part of the 7 days of stitches series introducing the stitch with the 4 corners *drum roll*: the CROSS STITCH. I mean, this stitch is probably the one stitch that almost everybody has stitched once in their life at school. It is also the term many people say when they actually mean embroidery. Interestingly there is often a distinction made between counted cross stitch and embroidery in general. Counted cross stitch is when you follow a chart of squares to make each stitch. It is similar to pixel art - there are really pixelated pictures like old game boy pixels and high-resolution pictures with thousands of pixels/stitches involved that look very realistic. Cross stitches can be used outside of counted embroidery, too. That is why I show you two ways of making them. The first steps show a stand alone cross stitch. The second set of steps......

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the embroidery stitch family guide by Pumora

Thank you!

During the past months, the embroidery stitch lexicon has not only grown in tutorials, it has brought many friendly people into my life. I appreciate your kind words, interesting questions and words of encouragement so much! The people in the world around me often don't get the whole embroidery thing I'm into. Knowing there are people in this world who do get it, who pick their brain about which stitches to use with the same joy and enthusiasm like me, who sit over the choice of which color of thread to use, who love to sit for hours and move the needle up and down, up and down - to be part of this magical and great community of embroiderers makes me very happy. To celebrate embroidery and the stitch lexicon I have prepared a special goodie for you!

The Embroidery Stitch Family Guide

The Embroidery Stitch Family Guide is an ebook with......

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Cross stitch advent calendar pattern

I have shown a little bit of this cross stitch piece every now and then. Now it's finished! My cross stitch advent calendar! This pattern is part of the collaboration with my mother. She is the designer behind the motifs and I rearranged them to one picture, changed some little things and made a pattern out of it. mother daughter Christmas is not exactly around the corner right now, but let me tell you, it's going to take while to stitch this one up, so it's best to start a bit earlier then december. It took me about 2 weeks to make this one happen (the stitching alone). Some motifs are faster to make and some take their time, but at average you could do this as an actual advent calendar - one motif a......

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Summer days and starting projects

Summer has kicked in over here changing from unbearably hot to refreshing rainy days every couple of days. Last week I had my first car accident when I drove the kids back from school. I was sick, didn't eat and drink enough and my blood pressure was very low. It was 34°C (93°F) which is way too hot if your car's only ventilation is regulated by opening or closing the windows. Long story short, I got unconcious while driving but we had the most luck we could have had and nothing but a cracked side mirror happened. I can't describe how grateful I am for the man who drove by and helped getting me and my kids save home and that it went how it went. karteikarten Above you can see my organizer for the embroidery stitch flashcards. I like to have a physical......

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Adventures in crossing stitches - a mother-daughter-collaboration

Recently I have been working on a project with my mother. She is a gifted embroiderer and has made some beautiful motifs in cross stitch over the last years to make gifts from. Around christmas we got the idea, that it would be a shame to let these gorgeous patterns sit in storage for years to come and decided to make digital patterns out of them. fische1 My mother has a different style than me, but we share our love for bold colors and playful motifs. We also love adventures and travel so I picked the name "Adventures in crossing stitches". For me exploring the textile world is like an adventure and for my mother it is very adventurous to publish her ideas. So the first series in our collaboration are these colorful underwater world creatures. fische2 The first......

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chaotic cross stitch by Anne Mende

kreuzstich2a I have the habit to keep left over strands of split up embroidery floss in my storage box. This pile became a little mess and I wanted  to do something with it before it became too tangled to use the embroidery floss. So this is what I made out of it - a chaotic mess of random cross stitches out of a chaotic mess of entangled embroidery floss. kreuzstich2bWhen you take some steps back from the hoop the colors blend in and you can see streams of cold colors (the blue hues) and warm colors (the red hues) floating around each other like with the yin-yang symbol. kreuzstich2c...

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