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cross stitch - 7 days of stitches

It's time for the 4th part of the 7 days of stitches series introducing the stitch with the 4 corners *drum roll*: the CROSS STITCH. I mean, this stitch is probably the one stitch that almost everybody has stitched once in their life at school. It is also the term many people say when they actually mean embroidery. Interestingly there is often a distinction made between counted cross stitch and embroidery in general. Counted cross stitch is when you follow a chart of squares to make each stitch. It is similar to pixel art - there are really pixelated pictures like old game boy pixels and high-resolution pictures with thousands of pixels/stitches involved that look very realistic. Cross stitches can be used outside of counted embroidery, too. That is why I show you two ways of making them. The first steps show a stand alone cross stitch. The second set of steps......

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