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New embroidery pattern: the advent calendar

I have shown a little bit of this cross stitch piece every now and then. Now it’s finished! My cross stitch advent calendar! This pattern is part of the collaboration with my mother. She is the designer behind the motifs and I rearranged them to one picture, changed some little things and made a pattern out of it.

mother daughter

Christmas is not exactly around the corner right now, but let me tell you, it’s going to take while to stitch this one up, so it’s best to start a bit earlier then december. It took me about 2 weeks to make this one happen (the stitching alone). Some motifs are faster to make and some take their time, but at average you could do this as an actual advent calendar – one motif a day in december. This is of course if you do have time to stitch in december among all the other stuff that’s going on during that time of the year.

Getting each piece finished is kind of addictive and it’s so satisfiying to see the calendar grow. My favorite is the wreath. It was love at first sight and that’s why it’s place is right in the middle of it all.

I embroidered the numbers in gold thread, which is a pain to handle, but for such small things the effect definitely weights out the trouble. I’m very excited to see this framed in the light of

many candles when the wintertime comes.

advent calendar

advent calendar
Embroidery skills:
– cross stitch
Finished measurements (motif):
– horizontal 146 crosses – 23,36cm/9.2inch
– vertical 168 crosses – 26,88cm/10.58inch
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advent calendar

Summer days and starting projects

Summer has kicked in over here changing from unbearably hot to refreshing rainy days every couple of days. Last week I had my first car accident when I drove the kids back from school. I was sick, didn’t eat and drink enough and my blood pressure was very low. It was 34°C (93°F) which is way too hot if your car’s only ventilation is regulated by opening or closing the windows. Long story short, I got unconcious while driving but we had the most luck we could have had and nothing but a cracked side mirror happened. I can’t describe how grateful I am for the man who drove by and helped getting me and my kids save home and that it went how it went.


Above you can see my organizer for the embroidery stitch flashcards. I like to have a physical copy of my work and being able to scribble translations on them and flip through them is very fun. I’m thinking about making a printable out of them once I finished the main stitches – what do you think? Am I the only one who loves things like this? It’s like collecting embroidery stitch cards.


Making embroidery stitch tutorials is a lot of fun for me, but looking at the same fabric and thread all the time is not. Because of that I started 4 new projects. I knew you’d understand that. 3 of them are work anyway, the weaving project is the only ‘real just for fun’ project. I can see, that I have developped a strong affection for pink and turquoise.


The next project is the best (because I’ve just started it yesterday). I have showed you the cross stitch fish collections which I made with my mother. She has send me the most beautiful hmhmhm (I can’t say it yet, it’s too soon) and I have started to assemble it in a new variation. And I LOVE TO STITCH THIS. It’s cross stitch again and it’s so relaxing and addictive to make such small motifs. They are small enough that you can embroider one or two in one day and that makes it easy to stitch your way through ‘just’ finishing this color part or ‘just’ this row. I remember the same problem with knitting hehe.


Adventures in crossing stitches: Underwater creatures III

May I present you the 3rd piece of our underwater creatures series for our mother-daughter-project Adventures in crossing stitches. This set contains the turtle, jellyfish and world domination octopus.



Underwater creatures III
Embroidery skills:
– cross stitch
Finished measurements:
100×83 crosses
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Adventures in crossing stitches – a mother-daughter-collaboration

Recently I have been working on a project with my mother. She is a gifted embroiderer and has made some beautiful motifs in cross stitch over the last years to make gifts from. Around christmas we got the idea, that it would be a shame to let these gorgeous patterns sit in storage for years to come and decided to make digital patterns out of them.


My mother has a different style than me, but we share our love for bold colors and playful motifs. We also love adventures and travel so I picked the name “Adventures in crossing stitches”. For me exploring the textile world is like an adventure and for my mother it is very adventurous to publish her ideas.

So the first series in our collaboration are these colorful underwater world creatures.


The first pattern set includes 7 straight forward cross stitch fish motifs. It’s easy to stitch and a great beginner pattern.
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The second pattern set includes 9 cross stitch fish motifs with additional straight lines. The motifs are embroidered on a slightly darker fabric to emphasize the bright colors and white outlines.
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cross stitch stash buster


I have the habit to keep left over strands of split up embroidery floss in my storage box. This pile became a little mess and I wanted  to do something with it before it became too tangled to use the embroidery floss.
So this is what I made out of it – a chaotic mess of random cross stitches out of a chaotic mess of entangled embroidery floss.

kreuzstich2bWhen you take some steps back from the hoop the colors blend in and you can see streams of cold colors (the blue hues) and warm colors (the red hues) floating around each other like with the yin-yang symbol.


geometric embroidery piece 4

There are some color combinations which I’m very fond of one of which is teal and pink and the other one is yellow and pink. Combined to teal-pink-yellow thie sweet little cross stitch comes out. Compared with the other 3 pieces in this series it is so cheery and round. No need to say I like it a lot!

04aBuy here:  craftsy dawanda etsy


Here are the other 3 pieces in the geometric series: One, two, three.

geometric embroidery part 2

Like last week, I’m enjoying cross stitch right now. Especially the mindless parts where I can circle around given lines make me happy (sometimes when I’m not in the cross stitch zone it’s more like: argh this is so boring I don’t want to do another cross anymore!). I have a mixed relationship with cross stitch as I stated before mostly because I like freestyle stitching and cross stitching (at least the way I do it right now) requires some more planning before the start. With free embroidery it’s more like I pick colors, let them inspire me to make the line drawings, then change a lot while stitching and optimize on the go. It’s easy to rip out stitches with most stitches I use at the moment.

Cross stitch is quite labor and yarn intensive. I ripped out A LOT of finished areas in this piece below, because the colors did not blend in the way I wanted them. I don’t know why it feels different to stitch crosses instead of lines and fill stitches, but it does. Nevertheless I like the geometry and the fact that they look totally different compared with the free stitching mandalas, which are based on geometric principles, too.


The pattern for these cross stitch pieces will be available as a set when I finished 3 or 5 of them.

cross stitch

kreuzstich I went to the local library yesterday and looked for some embroidery books. Along with dozens of knitting books were 4 embroidery books. 2 were related to christmas stitching, 1 basic stitches book and the 4th, well that book was an absolutely stunning collection of traditional austrian cross stitch patterns. It’s a book with whole table cloth patterns, church related things, a lot of animals (the kind you find on crests, the really old ones) and filling patterns. I wasn’t expecting THIS kind of book in my library and I’m so in love with it.

The book is called ” Alte Volkskunst – Kreuzstich – Ein Werkbuch” by the Leopold Stocker Verlag

Included are more embroidery pattern than someone could ever stitch alone in his life, a practical guide to embroidering cross stitch and some examples of finished objects. kreuzstich01Incidentally my order of evenweave fabric came just in time, so I started embroidering in the evening. I must admit that cross stitch is not my favorite. Back when I was 11 or so, my grandma gave me an embroidery kit about 40x30cm large. It was laying around some time until once during my summer holidays I decided to stitch it up. Soon it became clear, that filling an area completely with cross stitch is quite timeconsuming. So my sisters jumped in and we made a game out of how much we managed to get finished. After 3 days of hard core stitching we gave up. It’s really frustrating for young girls to put so much time and effort into something that does not seem to be ever finished. Since then my enthusiasm for cross stitch was zero, BUT I thought I’ll give it another try. I made a cross stitch pattern out of my feathers embroidery and started the first one: