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the dreamcastertree and embroidery

kristall1a A new piece of embroidery is in progress right now. I drew the pattern while my children were sitting next to me and silently made their own pieces of arts, listening to the "Traumzauberbaum" a german musical by Reinhard Lakomy which I heard as a child myself so very often. It's such a beautiful story about the dreamcastertree (if I translate this directly hehe) and his 2 minions. The trees leaves are dreams (represented by a song) and the color of the leaf indicates what kind of dream it is. kristall1b When the big dreamcastertree goes to sleep to grow more dreams his two minions ( a kind of gnomes I guess) activate dreams with the tuning fork. In the manner of the sorcerer's apprentice they manage to upset the ghost of winds and rain in......

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