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diy beeswax embroidery thread conditioner

Some embroidery threads, like metallic threads, are simply beasts that can only be tamed with the use of some help. Like the mighty thread conditioner. Little did I know that a small addition to my embroidery tool case can have such an impact! Especially with metallics, I'm happy for any help that makes using these gorgeous but often nasty to work with threads easier.

What is a thread conditioner?

A thread conditioner or thread wax is used to apply a protective coat around threads. For this you lay the thread on the thread wax surface, hold it in place with your thumb and pull it through the whole length. If you want to apply it to your thread's ends only, lay them on the thread wax and pull it with your thumb holding it down. Then use your thumb and forefinger to pull the thread between your fingers and spread the......

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