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I love linen

I can't say that enough. I love linen. I love linen. I love linen. It's the fabric I'm the most drawn to  and that says a lot, because I have worked with ALOT of different fabrics over the years. But when it comes down to sewing or embroidery linen is my best friend. So it may not surprise, that when I went fabric shopping with a friend last Monday, 3 out of four pieces were linen. It's just because the linen cupboard usually has a lot less variety than the other fabrics, that there was a printed cotton involved in my shopping cart. I'm happy though, that the linen departement has grown a little bit in the years I did not shop in the biggest fabric shop of Berlin. The shop itself (I would compare it as the Berlin equivalent to Mood fabrics in NY, because all students of any fabric......

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embroidery basics

Since I get asked quite a lot, I want to cover some of the basics many beginners in embroidery have questions about. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask! stoff1

1. The Fabric

There is not THE fabric for everything. So the answer for which fabric to choose is very much depending on your project. However there are some rules of thumb: The smaller and finer your project is, the finer your fabric should be. There are exeptions though, for example there are small scale cross stitch designs with looser weave. For cross stitch, bargello and other stitch forms which require a certain proportion of threads per inch in lenght and width, evenweave linen or aida are the choice of fabric. However, you can cross stitch on every fabric, but if the squares are not perfectly identical your motifs will differ from the perfect grid you......

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