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Diamond socks

The knitting bug got me again lately. I went for a trip to my grandma’s weeks ago and started a pair of socks with a simple pattern in stranded knitting – easy enough to remember for a quick knit occasionally. The most fun part for me is to choose the colors and see the magically growing pattern with every round of stitches.


The first pair has a green base color acompanied with a solid blue and a variegated blue-green yarn. The variegated yarn was not the best choice, since it has the exact green color as the base color, so some stitches get swallowed by the background making the diamond shapes rather blurry (you can see it perfectly in the picture below in the bottom left)


So I started a second pair for my daughter in purple, orange and yellow. She loves all the girly colors, but I wanted to exclude pink and went for a more indian color approach. I think they blend in very well. Below is the picture pre-blocking. The pictures are pre-blocking, which is why they are still wobbly. I’m not one who’s stranded knitting hopps off the needles looking perfect right away, but it’s getting better.

I’m going to show the whole socks when they are all finished up and blocked 🙂


Joining in with Nicole from Frontier Dreams.

the vehicle christmas stockings knitting patterns

Phew I did it! The vehicle stockings I made in the last weeks are available as an ebook and as single patterns now. I enjoyed making these three patterns alot. The inner child in me always thrives when I do pixel art in bright shiny colors.

So here they are:


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I showed you the cars stockings a while ago and a sneak peek of the other two. There are two color options for the plane stockings, one dark blue and one light blue (which you can see in the picture above). Because I get asked quite often if these can be knit in a normal size: Yes they can. I knitted a pair of star stockings in sock yarn and the fit my feet (size 7). However this depends alot on your gauge with stranded knitting. Regarding the modular nature of the vehicle stockings you could make them in every size by leaving out one or two vehicles in every line, depending on how big the socks should be.


Preparing for Christmas

What, christmas? I don’t want to even think about it right now, right? Actually. But somehow the christmas stocking mood came over me and I whipped up a set of 3 heart patterned stockings. I have some boys stockings in the making, too. It’s so relaxing to knit some pixel art! My daughter keeps complaining that these lovely pink stockings are way to big to fit her tiny feet. Maybe I should scale them down to different sizes? I knitted the stars stockings with sock yarn and they fit perfectly (my big feet, not hers, I would have to knit hers in sewing lace yarn to get gauge, I fear).


Christmas Stockings HEARTS Set available in all of my shops

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Cleaning up threads

faden1Cleaning up loose ends in knitted socks is my new hobby at the moment. Why do I work with colors again? Ahhh right, colors are awesome. But really, why does color knitting need to involve so many loose ends to sew in?

Probably I should use some of these methods to avoid finishing-boredom:

russian join

weaving in ends on the go (I would do this with only 1 thread though and weave in the new thread tail in the next row/round)

braided join  (similar to the russian join but extra tight)

In my opinion the russian join and the braided join are the best methods if you what your reverse side clean and no risk of loosening ends. However both are quite time consuming and need a tapestry needle at hand which is not always the case.

Weaving in ends on the go is less time consuming, but the thread is only pulled in one direction. This could result in a loose end if stress is put on that spot.

If you weave in ends afterwards with a tapestry needle make sure to pull the thread through itself once, like a handwritten “e”. This way the thread secures itself from being pulled out.