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Finished socks

I totally forgot to show you 2 pairs of socks I have finished recently and not so recently. The Gander socks have served their warming purposes in December, right before or after Christmas. It's the first heel flap sock in years. I loved the stripes used in the pattern, which would be more difficult to make with the short row heel. So heel flap it is and I love the fit of it! dreiecke7dreiecke6 The leftover sock yarn socks were finished a little bit early - October I guess - but I never showed them. It's a plain sock pattern with short row heel and alternating sock yarn stripes with the gray yarn as a means to tone down the colorfulness. This way it's totally ok to mix random colors - the gray......

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The Gander socks

We made a little shopping trip to the next big town and there was yarn. The next thing I remember is me paying for 4 skeins of sock yarn. The greens and blues just wanted to be with me and yeah, I don't have to apologize for buying yarn with a full stash at home, right, right? Yeah so let's see what I'm doing with this instead: This yummy stranded knitting sock: dreiecke3 I was first thinking about making my own sock pattern, but then I realized it's almost christmas and I didn't want to deal with new things right now. So off to ravelry I went and pouf! There was exactly what I was looking for - the Gander socks. A flying goose inspired triangle stranded knitting pattern with a striking color palette. When I have finished the green ones, I'll try to get......

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