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DIY: feather hair clip

My chicken are molting right now and the upside to their nakedish new look is I have a lot of feathers to make stuff from. federnschwarz When my little daughter got the chance to work with pigeons in the circus her school organized, I knew I wanted to make a tiny accessory for her to wear at the show. So this feather hairclip was proudly worn when she made her tricks with the pigeons in the arena.

How to make a feather hairclip

Materials: 2 feathers 1 hairclip circle of felt about 1x1cm / 0.4x0.4inch in diameter several sequins and beads scissors, glue, needle & thread feather hairclip diy 1. Choose the right size of your feathers and flatten them with the scissors or pliers where you want to glue them to the hairclip. I chose a rimmed hairclip so I had to......

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I'm doing some sketches for new embroidery pieces and had fun doodling these different shapes of feathers. Next step is stitching a mini sampler table cloth on brown linen (about 40x40cm/ 15.5x15.5inch). Working with thick linen is always a big delight for me. The grip and coolness to the hand makes it a lovely alternative to cotton. I'm using my favorite vintage perle cotton in autumn colours in backstitch. ...

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