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The feather portrait is progressing slowly. This projects wants to take it’s time it seems. I have added some smaller feathers and the collar of the dress since the last time I’ve shown you the portrait. Also some shading and lighting and the mouth. The mouth was a tough one, it’s not easy to draw or stitch a mouth without it looking like overdone lipstick.

So far I’m content with the overall look, but it doesn’t feel finished yet. We’ll see what this portrait wants me to add to it.



There is knitting going on here, too. An old friend in a new shape. I’ll show you when it’s finished.


feather embroidery


My lovely hens left me a lot of beautiful feathers during molt (chicken and other birds partially loose their feathers once a year to regrow new ones, like we loose and regrow hair all the time).

I collected the most beautiful to me, because keeping them all would have been too much. I always imagined an embroidery piece with these and thought this portrait I’m doing is just the right piece for this.


If you have lots of feathers, too, and want to embroider with them keep in mind, you will not be able to use the hoop stitching them on – at least not where the feathers cross the hoops circles!


cross stitch

kreuzstich I went to the local library yesterday and looked for some embroidery books. Along with dozens of knitting books were 4 embroidery books. 2 were related to christmas stitching, 1 basic stitches book and the 4th, well that book was an absolutely stunning collection of traditional austrian cross stitch patterns. It’s a book with whole table cloth patterns, church related things, a lot of animals (the kind you find on crests, the really old ones) and filling patterns. I wasn’t expecting THIS kind of book in my library and I’m so in love with it.

The book is called ” Alte Volkskunst – Kreuzstich – Ein Werkbuch” by the Leopold Stocker Verlag

Included are more embroidery pattern than someone could ever stitch alone in his life, a practical guide to embroidering cross stitch and some examples of finished objects. kreuzstich01Incidentally my order of evenweave fabric came just in time, so I started embroidering in the evening. I must admit that cross stitch is not my favorite. Back when I was 11 or so, my grandma gave me an embroidery kit about 40x30cm large. It was laying around some time until once during my summer holidays I decided to stitch it up. Soon it became clear, that filling an area completely with cross stitch is quite timeconsuming. So my sisters jumped in and we made a game out of how much we managed to get finished. After 3 days of hard core stitching we gave up. It’s really frustrating for young girls to put so much time and effort into something that does not seem to be ever finished. Since then my enthusiasm for cross stitch was zero, BUT I thought I’ll give it another try. I made a cross stitch pattern out of my feathers embroidery and started the first one: