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free knitting pattern: Happy K

My sister's birthday wish this year was a blue slouchy hat with a light yarn and pattern. She has beautiful light red hair and the color she picked makes her hair shine even more. Since it's her birthday and I made the calculations anyway, I'll give you this pattern as a gift, too. It's adult size and quite wide to sit loosely on the head. It's not too long, so you can fold the brim and wear it as a cap, too. I'm tempted to make one for me actually! The wool this hat is made from is Lamana Como, a new yarn. It's unbelievably soft and light. The weight is spectacular for the length (25g for 120m), that's why you should double the amount of yarn stated below, if you substitute it for another one. The hat in the Como yarn is 50g. You can take the inscriptions here or
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Free pattern: the heart card

karte2 It's that time of the year again. Hearts popping up everywhere. My gift for you today is a geometric-style heart card you can make for your sweetheart!

You'll need:

  • 6stranded embroidery floss in red (DMC 321)
  • blank card or folded card stock
  • embroidery needle, scissors, sewing pin
  • heart motif: 13.5x9cm/5.3x3.5inch (download PDF here)
vk2 vk1 1. Transfer the Pattern to your card by sticking a needle or pin through the joints of the heart pattern. This works best if you tape the pattern to the card with removable masking tape. vk3 vk4 2. Stitch all the lines with 3 strands of thread and try to avoid long lines on the reverse side. To start the thread make a big knot which......

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free pattern: the absence of a snowflake

This is pattern is more like a guideline. Chaotic stitching is never really stuff for patterns because it's well - chaotic. Nevertheless this time the chaotic stitching takes place around a defined shape.

grey felt - depending on your size of embroidery. If you chose to make it 11cm/4.33inch the felt should be about 25x25cm/10x10inch embroidery floss - white DMC B5200, yellow DMC 745, blue DMC 807 1. First print the snowflake pattern to the size you want. Mine is 11cm/4.33inch. There should be at least 2cm/0.8inch to every side for the outside stitching. Cut out the snowflake.   revsnowmuster revsnow1a 2. Then pin the papercut onto your felt. Watch out to center it perfectly. revsnow2 3. Begin to stitch around the papercut pattern with white embroidery floss (1stranded). It's important to stitch into the......

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Free Knitting Pattern - Silver Lining

horizont01aIn April I got my hands on some gorgeous thick and thin yarn by Drops. It's the Drops loves you #3 made of 50% wool 50% alpaca and it's one of the best yarns I have touched this year. It's soft and warm and comes in a lovely palette of colors. The thing with thick and thin yarn is it's not suitable for every pattern. I tried some lace and it looked like crap, I tried some cabling and linenstitch, not the best results either. Then I decided to give the brioche stitch a try. As with linenstitch the  stitches are slipped and blend every row/round into the next or previous row/round. This works great with color transitions, because the borders get blended and don't create a strict line, but this is also perfect for thick and thin yarns......

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