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Summer - the kids are around all the time, the weather plays nice and sometimes stormy, the garden is growing, the quails and hens are laying massive amounts of eggs and I'm collecting herbs to dry for tea season. This wonderful and huge lavender bush of my grandma's given me a share of blossoms. They smells so strong and rich! lavendellavendel1 I refilled the small pillow my mother made for my daughter with my grandma's lavender. The smiling face now stays for us 3 holding our hands over her. lavendel1 Below are drying narrow-leaf plantain and mullein. This is the first time I found mullein (only 1 huge and a small plant) and picked the flowers. Picking the flowers was almost like the plant gave them to me freely, it was......

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Back in autumn 2012 I made this infinity scarf and after it refused to be photographed nicely ever since yesterday in the last 30min before sunset at the lake at...