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Enjoy the summer

The last days were the hottest days for a long time here in Germany. On Saturday when we celebrated my son’s 10th Birthday it was 39 degrees (Celsius – that’s 102° Fahrenheit) outside. We nearly melted away, but it was a great party nevertheless. On Sunday the kids and I went to my father’s house at the lake and though it was really hot, it’s so much more bearable when you can jump into the water whenever you want.


I used the opportunity to shoot some new photos of my fox hand puppet. Somewhere on my way of product photography I chose to not take my pictures on humans, but on a neutral background.This was partly because my camera back then didn’t make a great job taking pictures of bright colored stuff especially not while moving around on the hand of a 3-year old.

Now with a very much better camera and a calmer daugther, I made a new attempt to take some photos. The light was so perfect and we had fun doing this together. The photo above is the one I took, the photo below is the one she took. I like how different the mood of both pictures is although they were taken minutes apart of another.



Yes, we had a little bit of fun.


I knitted a bit on my green sock prototype, but you know how great it is to knit in warm weather. I stopped when the yarn didn’t want to slide around my fingers anymore.

I hope you had a great weekend, too!

knitting pattern: frog hand puppet

Brand new in the beastiarium of hand puppets – the FROG. Flicking through old photos I found this one – it’s one of my oldest hand puppet designs and one of my favorites, too. Look at these eyes! So cute. Better late than never. Now you can make your own frog hand puppet, too. Knit a golden ball for this and it’s ready to go for a frog king puppet theater.


Frog hand puppet
knitting skills:
– increase/decrease
– knitting in the round with DPNs
– chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet

Buy here: youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy kollabora makerist