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Christmas Crafting List

Over the last years I have made a couple of winter and christmas related things. Here they are all in one place, so that you can find it easily. The list contains DIYs from tutorials/patterns made by me and some other sites, some free, some for purchase. I don't receive anything in return for listing something, these projects are all made with the excitement of trying something out. I will continue to add current christmas related projects to this list to keep this page updated. christmaspapier1

1. Paper ball. Blogged herePattern. 2. Paper stripe star. Blogged herePattern. 3. Folded Paper star. Blogged herePattern.

christmaskerzen 4. Geometric Candles. Blogged herePattern. 5. & 6. Beeswax candles. Blogged here.  
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Lambs and holidays

bach1 We have been enjoying the Easter holidays over here. Visiting family and having fun. Until Friday the weather was nasty cold and wet with some snowy sprinkles. Luckily April gave us a rest and decided we have suffered enough - Saturday and Sunday were just right - cold but very sunny. feuer1 We visited a dairy sheep farm not far from here run by two women. There were lots and lots of lambs, many friendly people and lambchops and delicious cheese. They breed the rare sheep breed of Krainer Steinschaf also called Bovska from Slovenia and Ostfriesisches Milchschaf (East friesian Sheep). The rare Bovska sheep have a long and sturdy wool which appears to felt very well and is often used for carpets and other sturdier things. The people on the farm make woven seat pads from......

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christmas diys and patterns

With the holidays coming soon the christmas related patterns get out of their dark hole and can shine for a little moment again.

rentier1 May I present you the reindeer handpuppet. He or she comes with red nose and antlers, ready to dash through snow covered hills. Buy here: ravelrypatternfish craftsy dawanda etsy megaset Then there are the christmas stockings. I guess many of you don't want to knit 15 different stockings for their beloved ones so every stocking pattern is available individually, too. Exception are the norwegian, traditional style ones which come in a set of 6 only. The stocking patterns......

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stern2 It's getting colder so it's totally eligible to embroider Christmas stuff right? RIGHT? stern3 The thread is sewing machine thread by Guetermann. I took 4 strands of this to embroider in whip stitch. The color is so sparkly and nice, I like it a lot. My mother gave this to me, because she had problems with breaking threads in the sewing machine with this thread. However, sewing this thread by hand is easy. stern5...

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