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Fringed napkins

napkins1 As a kid I loved fringes. My grandmother had a tubular pillow on her sofa with 2 large tassels at each end. I spend hours braiding and combing these tassels. During TV, tea time, whenever we sat on that couch, I had my hands on that thing. So if you need something to occupy your little grandchildren or children - buy something with long fringes or tassels! napkins1b When I stumbled over this instructions to fringed chambray napkins at the Purl Bee, I knew I had to make some. Chambray is a special fabric with the thread used for the weft is different than the warp so you get a fabric with mixed colors so to say. I'm always impressed how strong the original colors of the threads look and how they blend so......

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I took a plunge and bought some light blue DMC embroidery floss on a cone. The yarn is enough to circle the medival city wall of my town twice! I would totally do that if it wasn't so expensive XD It's going to be a pillowcase. The pattern is a design from last years HORIZONT collection stitched up in chain stitch on coral linen. kissen1e kompass01 the original compass kompass06 the original sketch Crafting along with Nicole's Keep Calm and Craft on....

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Knitting Pattern: cars christmas stockings

Over time christmas stockings became quite an obsession for me. New ideas for motif collections kept flowing in my brain and this is one of them: stockingscars2Sometimes the traditional christmas motif get boring for me and then cars, planes, ships and rockets make their way on christmas stockings over here. The cars were a fun knit and I will definetly do some water and sky vehicles, too. It's just a matter of time, like always. The cars christmas stockings are available here: youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy stockingscars3

Available as a set with the other vehicle stockings patterns! youtube
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