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running horses embroidery cushion cover

When I was a teenage girl I loved what most girls love during that time: horses! That feeling of the fur against your hand, this giant animal following you from the pastures so calm and majestic.  And of course riding along the fields and in the forests. It is magical! Since then, horses have only been in the back of my head until my little girl wanted to learn horseback riding, too. It all came back when I walked into the saddle room - the smell of leather and horse hair. Isn't it crazy how deep memories go when you remember a certain smell or hear a particular sound? For example, hearing a sawmill in the morning always reminds me of summer vacation at my grandma :D running horse embroidery pattern The Running Horse embroidery pattern brings the wonderful spirit of horses back into......

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Fringed napkins

napkins1 As a kid I loved fringes. My grandmother had a tubular pillow on her sofa with 2 large tassels at each end. I spend hours braiding and combing these tassels. During TV, tea time, whenever we sat on that couch, I had my hands on that thing. So if you need something to occupy your little grandchildren or children - buy something with long fringes or tassels! napkins1b When I stumbled over this instructions to fringed chambray napkins at the Purl Bee, I knew I had to make some. Chambray is a special fabric with the thread used for the weft is different than the warp so you get a fabric with mixed colors so to say. I'm always impressed how strong the original colors of the threads look and how they blend so......

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new shelves for my workspace

regale1 I know this is probably not as exciting for you as it is for me, but I made two shelves completely on my own. Armed with a driller, a screwdriver, screws and a lot of boards I made the addition to my already existing shelf this weekend. Usually a let my hubby do things like this, but he has more stuff like this to do right now which is more important and I thought - hey, I helped last time, I know how it's done technically, let's give it a try. regale2 So this the new storage for my wool and fabric. It's crazy that the content of all the bags and boxes laying around the room fit in these two shelves. himmel1...

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