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feeling good

apfelkuchen Yesterday I found a cooking/baking blog with the most delicious food ever. The photos are just perfect and so clever. Seriously, I would try out every single recipe. The blog is run by two amazing women from Germany and is written in german and english. It's worth to take a look at Our Food Stories. So today I made the applecake and I would have loved to show you the whole cake but a bunch of hungry caterpillars and me ate it all. Just one piece is left for the only person who has the willpower to withstand a second piece of cake (ok, the rest of us ate 3 pieces) and eat it LATER. Later? There is no later for good cake, right? I guess I should double the recipe next time, but I fear this would only......

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making beeswax candles

Yesterday the kids and I made beeswax candles. This was the setup: beeswax pills, scissors, a rice cooker to regulate the heat and could do the whole thing on the table and not on the stove, glasses ( the long ones are sausage jars and the smaller one a honey jar, regular cotton twine and the thinnest candle wick I could find at the craft store, backing sheet, a trowel. kerzen2 First there is something the lady at the raft store told me concerning the wick. The thread should be hold in a way, that the structure forms a V rather than an ^. I suppose it's because of the capillary action. The fibers are laying in a certain way and when they form the V it's the natural direction for them to pull the wax/liquid up and not down. Maybe it's that, maybe......

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