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Tutorial: Double Knitting - Cast On

To start double knitting we need to cast on. Since we create two layaers of fabric we have to cast on twice the amount of stitches of the pattern. At the beginning it looks like there were too many stitches but after some rows/rounds it all falls into place. Each stitch of a pattern comes in a pair. This usually means one pair consists of 2 colors. I tried 3 different methods and want to share them here. I put them all in one swatch to make it easier to see the differences. Make a slip knot. The slip knot is not the first pai of stitches, it will slip from the needles after it's purpose is fulfilled. dk01dk02 dk03 For every cast on method shown hold your fingers and yarn like this: dk04
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Tutorial: Double Knitting
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Tutorial: Double Knitting

Double Knitting is a very effective method to do colored knitting. It's a double layer fabric, so it's thicker and warmer. Depending on how you work the double knitting each...