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The history of a handpuppet

When I wrote my first knitting pattern back in 2010 I had no idea that this one puppet would change my life. It took me 2 years to actually write this pattern! The very first handpuppets I made for my 3 year old son were the pig and a mouse. Forgive the bad photographs, but 2008 was not the year of great shots ;) schweinI named it Mr. Pigginson, but clearly it was more of a joke for me, than for my son. My daughter was born in that same year and the handpuppets got their fair share of usage. Since I loved anything animal related back then (and still do!) as it is often when you have small kids and are surrounded by cartoon animals all the time, I wanted to make more handpuppets. The fox was born! I changed the thumb/mouth......

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Note: This is quite irrelevant if you read this in 2016 and later. You can find the pattern over here. As some of you might remember I designed a knitting pattern for childsize shorts for online magazine Petite Purls in 2012. Sadly the editors decided to end the adventure of Petite Purls and made their final issue. The website is going to shut down this year, so if you want to get your hands on some of the many patterns there for free, please take a look around. I will add the Ahoy Shorts pattern to this blog when Petite Purls shuts down and decided to continue making it accessible for free. I had so much fun knitting and shooting the shorts, so I hope you have fun with it, too. hose1...

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Trigonometric wristlets

trigocuff1 I just set the pattern for the trigonometric wristlets in the shops. They are so quick and don't eat a lot of yarn - unless you make dozens of them in rainbow colors tee hee. The patterns is worked as a smaller version of the cable pattern used for my trigonometric scarf. Buy here: youtubepatternfish craftsy dawanda etsy trigocuff3 tineb1  ...

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Reindeer, stars and pullovers

Constantly reminded, that I have only cardigans but not one fitting pullover I searched a pattern and cast on this gem by Amy Herzog. I enjoyed her fit for flatter blog series last year and it kind of was a revellation to me. It's now easier to scan for the right clothes suiting my body shape. ya05 The book is "Long way on a little" by Shannon Hayes and it's a great read - for a cookbook. Thus far I love her way of thinking and since me and my family still want to have a pig and chickens, it's good to have a book at hand which shares recipes for the unusual parts of these animals meat, too. thus far i really really love it! Although christmas seems to be far away for me (it's rainy and no snow in......

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Huegel hats and mittens

huegelplakat Coming today, the Huegel hats. The inspiration for these hats come from the image of a snow powdered hilltop. The name Huegel comes from the german word "Hügel" which simply means "hill". Finished versions in 4 sizes and many colors are in the Etsy store. You want to knit one yourself? Alright, the pattern is available in all of my pattern shops here: youtubepatternfish craftsy dawanda etsy blau1 schwarz1 rot1...

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the vehicle christmas stockings knitting patterns

Phew I did it! The vehicle stockings I made in the last weeks are available as an ebook and as single patterns now. I enjoyed making these three patterns alot. The inner child in me always thrives when I do pixel art in bright shiny colors. So here they are: stockingsvehicles

Buy here:  youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy

I showed you the cars stockings a while ago and a sneak peek of the other two. There are two color options for the plane stockings, one dark blue and one light blue (which you can see in the picture above). Because I get asked quite often......

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Free knitting pattern: kitten hat

Kitten hat


Finished measurements (for children 5-6 years/ head circumference 50-54cm/19.7-21inch) 47x20.5cm/ 18.5x8inch stretches up to 21inch (54cm) Gauge (stockinette): 10x10cm/ 4x4inch=19stsx29rounds needle size: 4mm/US6 Material Garnstudio DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk (23.0sts=4inches). It's worked with 2 strands! Maincolour (MC): 50g in lilac Contrasting colour (CC): 25g in off-white circular knitting needle size 4mm/US6 Abbreviations CO cast on ** repeat instructions following the asterisks as directed st(s) stitch(es) k1 knit one stitch p1 purl one stitch rnd(s) round(s)


To achieve a larger or smaller size just add/leave away a multiple of 3sts in the width to increase size by 1.6cm/0.62inch. 1. With MC cast on 90sts. Join them in the round, be careful not to twist stitches. 2. Establish the ribbing: *k2, p1*. 3. Work ribbing for 10 rounds. 4. Knit for 21 rounds. Cut one strand of the MC and include one strand of off-white. You are working with one lilac and one white strand now. 5. Knit for 12 rounds. Then cut the......

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Knitting Pattern: cars christmas stockings

Over time christmas stockings became quite an obsession for me. New ideas for motif collections kept flowing in my brain and this is one of them: stockingscars2Sometimes the traditional christmas motif get boring for me and then cars, planes, ships and rockets make their way on christmas stockings over here. The cars were a fun knit and I will definetly do some water and sky vehicles, too. It's just a matter of time, like always. The cars christmas stockings are available here: youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy stockingscars3

Available as a set with the other vehicle stockings patterns! youtube
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