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Summer - the kids are around all the time, the weather plays nice and sometimes stormy, the garden is growing, the quails and hens are laying massive amounts of eggs and I'm collecting herbs to dry for tea season. This wonderful and huge lavender bush of my grandma's given me a share of blossoms. They smells so strong and rich! lavendellavendel1 I refilled the small pillow my mother made for my daughter with my grandma's lavender. The smiling face now stays for us 3 holding our hands over her. lavendel1 Below are drying narrow-leaf plantain and mullein. This is the first time I found mullein (only 1 huge and a small plant) and picked the flowers. Picking the flowers was almost like the plant gave them to me freely, it was......

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My first book is coming out today!

Today is the day I have been working towards for the last year: My embroidery book is coming out! It's so exciting to finally see it's getting real and not just pixels on a screen and a bunch of projects in a box. This is it:


The title - Stick dich glücklich - means Happy through stitching or stitch yourself happy. It's published in German for now, though I hope it gets translated in English someday so I can share my book with you, too! I will show you some of the projects in the book later this week. To celebrate my first embroidery book all of my supplies and handknit items on Etsy are 20% off! There is lots of wonderful things you won't find everywhere like the gold, silver and colored small bells - also......

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a cardigan for her

penelope1 I finished the burgundy cardigan for my daughter. The edges are made with i-Cords, so is the closure for the buttons. The cardigan is worked to-down and with the sleeves I tried the contigouos method. Once the basic calculations found their way into the part of my brain which understands math and logic principles, it was actually pretty easy to figure things out. You know, once it clicks nothing can stop you. penelopeThe shirt she wears is an old shirt of mine I have worn a lot when she was still in my belly. I altered it to toddler size when she was 3 and she wears it occasionally. It's such a pleasure when she picks this garment, because it always reminds me of the days when she was kicking my belly and ribs from......

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