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free pattern: the absence of a snowflake

This is pattern is more like a guideline. Chaotic stitching is never really stuff for patterns because it’s well – chaotic. Nevertheless this time the chaotic stitching takes place around a defined shape.


grey felt – depending on your size of embroidery. If you chose to make it 11cm/4.33inch the felt should be about 25x25cm/10x10inch

embroidery floss – white DMC B5200, yellow DMC 745, blue DMC 807

1. First print the snowflake pattern to the size you want. Mine is 11cm/4.33inch. There should be at least 2cm/0.8inch to every side for the outside stitching. Cut out the snowflake.




2. Then pin the papercut onto your felt. Watch out to center it perfectly.


3. Begin to stitch around the papercut pattern with white embroidery floss (1stranded). It’s important to stitch into the borderline as often as possible. Here are some rules of thumb to avoid repetitive stitching patterns:

  • use different angles
  • often change the direction of stitching
  • make long and short stitches
  • try not to align stitches


4. Remove the papercut and see if your edges look sharp enough when you look at it from a distance. If it still looks blurry, add some more stitches to these lines.


5. Use the yellow thread to add some extra stitches to the center star and the inner areas. I used up only one thread length total, so don’t overdo it.


6. After this use blue to stitch around the outlines again. Increase your range and make some long stitches around the white stitches, too.


6. Take a look from a distance to see how the overall look pleases your eye. It’s important not to overdo the stitches. We want to have the look of a frozen flower on a window, with frost nails and not a solid block of stitches 🙂


The absence of a snowflake

I know I’m snowflake-bombing you this week. There is no sight of snow outside of my windows yet. Here is my new project in the mandala-snowflake category:


Like the Horizont-embroidery I made last year, this is a chaotic stitching negative-space project. I like how the absence of something in a world filled with everything can make things even more visible and defined.


I’m using 1 strand of embroidery floss and my favorite charcoal felt. Not sure yet if I want to add colors or leave it monochrome.

the dreamcastertree and embroidery


A new piece of embroidery is in progress right now. I drew the pattern while my children were sitting next to me and silently made their own pieces of arts, listening to the “Traumzauberbaum” a german musical by Reinhard Lakomy which I heard as a child myself so very often. It’s such a beautiful story about the dreamcastertree (if I translate this directly hehe) and his 2 minions. The trees leaves are dreams (represented by a song) and the color of the leaf indicates what kind of dream it is.


When the big dreamcastertree goes to sleep to grow more dreams his two minions ( a kind of gnomes I guess) activate dreams with the tuning fork. In the manner of the sorcerer’s apprentice they manage to upset the ghost of winds and rain in their masters absence by plucking all the blue leaves and throwing them into the creek flowing nearby the dreamcastertree. The ghost of wind and rain takes away his clouds and lets dry out the creek. The two are not aware of their deed until the dreamcastertree awakes and get’s weeker and weeker. The black leaves (the nightmares) can easily fly away and frighten the little minions. But it wouldn’t be a good story for children if the two minions wouldn’t manage to calm the waves with the ghost of rain and get their stream back.

kristall1cThere are story which are simply timeless and in the case of the dreamcastertree the songs are timeless and iconic for this period, too. I’m happy to share a beautiful moment of my own childhood with my children. I know they appreciate this moment as much as I do.

Mandala embroidery patterns


Mandala embroidery pattern SET available at Etsy, Dawanda and Craftsy

I combined my 4 Mandala patterns to one set. Every pattern has a different approach: The flower mandala has some knots and different outline stitches, the gem mandala is a satin stitch and chain stitch practice, the star shaped mandala is chain stitch galore and introduces the star rhodes stitch as a centerpiece and the snowflake mandala is a cute little piece to try shadow quilting.

If you want to give Mandalas a try, here is my free hearts mandala embroidery pattern:


click on the picture to go to the pattern