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the no sew mini hoop

Who says mini hoops are only meant for embroidery? It's your hoop, you can do with it what you want! Maybe you have some cute fabric laying around that is too cute to use it? Yes, I'm totally guilty of buying fabrics with cute patterns that I never dare to use for projects. Usually, these pieces of fabric are too small for anything either, because who needs 2m of woodland animals staring in your face? Ok, maybe I need that, but no, I wouldn't make a skirt out of it. Most likely. Maybe I would. Here is the solution for the sacred fabrics that are too good to be used. Display them as a piece of art and whoosh you will want to use it right away!

Using fabric for your mini hoop is great if

  • you have a special pile of collected sacred fabrics never to be touched
  • you have saved lots......

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How to make a water melon embroidery necklace

r I know I know, summer is at its end now. Can we just pretend it's still in full swing and eat some melons? Thank you!

How to make the water melon embroidery

You can whip up this melon pattern super fast. Basically, you embroider three times in the round and add some sprinkly stitches in the middle. Too short an explanation? Here is the long form tutorial:   diy tutorial melonen mini hoop Anhänger


  • 1 mini hoop size 4cm/1.6inch. The size is not as important. You can scale it to a smaller or bigger dimension easily because there is no template to transfer. The mini hoop I'm using here is by Dandelyne. You can use any one you like of course. Here is a list of awesome mini hoop shops.
  • if not contained in your mini hoop set: 1 necklace or piece of string
  • ......

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More ways to finish miniature embroidery for jewelry

Ok. We learned how to finish a mini hoop and a bezel this week. Yet, there still are other possible ways to make jewelry out of your embroidery. I don't have all the supplies to cover all the things. That's why I put on my Sherlock hat in search for awesome embroidery people who like to show us how to do it!

The pendant frame

The great Wendi Gratz from Shiny happy world has these cute metal frame pendants in her shop. She made a video to show you how to assemble them here. And here is the video to another type of pendant. https://youtu.be/JKoxMv2pS1o

The framed pin

Here is a video by ChezLin to use similar frames to make embroidered pins. https://youtu.be/eisPbTTGV2g  

Tips & tricks

Svetlana from the Etsy Shop Eria Teufel is making amazing miniature embroidery jewelry. She also shares her secret sauce about how to get the embroidery......

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how to finish miniature embroidery pendants (in a bezel)

On Monday, I showed you how to finish embroidery in a mini hoop. Today, let's go into the steps of how to finish an embroidered pendant with bezels. Bezels are for jewelry what fabric is for embroidery. It's the foundation of many great pieces and you can use them for embroidered things, too! To set something into a bezel it usually has to be glued in or it will fall out. Unlike a mini hoop, bezels don't hold the inlay by pressure, it has to be attached to the bezel on the inside. Since this is a different approach to a normal mini hoop, I decided to make a seperate tutorial for bezels.

Which pendants is this tutorial for?

The bezels I use here are by artbase, a small business owned by Marco and Betty based in Florida. They offer a HUGE variety of hand crafted wooden bezels (and......

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how to finish mini hoops

Assembling a piece of embroidery in a mini hoop is much more simple than you might think. You can use the method shown here for all mini hoops that consist of an outer ring and an inner plate. Later this week, I will show you what to do if you have something with a closed back like a bezel for medallions, brooches or even pins. For now, let's talk about the famous mini hoops.

What kind of mini hoops is this for?

I'm using a hoop by Dandelyne. Sonia, who is the maker of these mini hoops based in Australia, was kind enough to send me some to test and see how they are. No worries if you don't have this exact same hoop. The process is the same for all mini hoops with this construction. Click for a list of shops which carry mini embroidery hoops (watch......

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free miniature embroidery pattern: the ocean sunset

As promised, this is the first ever Sunday Freebie. You can get the PDF version of this free embroidery pattern and many more tropical themed mini hoop designs over at the shop.

The Ocean Sunset Pattern

First, get your tools and materials and print out the template. Click here to get the template for printing. This design is a beginner pattern and it takes about 1 hour from start to finish including the finishing of the hoop as a pendant.

Tools & Materials

Finished measurements

• large round: 4,75cm/1.9inch • medium round: 3,25cm/1.3inch • small round: 2cm/0.78inch


• thread: 6 stranded embroidery thread in the colorway yellow (741 DMC), teal (3812 DMC) • fabric: Kona cotton solids by Kaufman in the colorway ‘pool’; 10x10cm/4x4inch


• embroidery hoop for embroidering the pattern. If you cut the fabric later, you can use a regular 6-inch hoop. • embroidery needle • scissors • for finishing: craft glue, a mini hoop of your choice (here is a list of......

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miniature embroidery month

Miniature embroidery has a fascination about it, doesn’t it? So many things can fit into such a tiny hoop. It opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities. Especially for jewelry, miniature embroidery plays a big role. You can make pendants, rings, earrings, or medallions - whatever your imagination can think of.

September is all about miniature embroidery

With tutorials all around miniature embroidery, mini hoops, how-to's and free patterns all you have to do is take your supplies and get started. If you want to give miniature embroidery a try, this is the month to start. I'll update the lists below when new tutorials and freebies are available:



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tutorial: making a patchwork mini hoop

Last week I had this crazy idea. A fresh load of shiny new fabric arrived on my front door and I guess the patchwork virus got me. Patchwork is not my strong suit. I ALWAYS manage to confuse something and end up cutting seams that should not hold together the pieces I just attached to one another. But - just take a moment and imagine a quilt or patchwork thing you have, shrink it in size and put it in a mini hoop - just for a moment - isn't it adorable? Yeah, that's what I thought, too. Also, tiny things always look good even if you screw up something (which I did - it's me and patchwork, but we did fine this time, I did not scream ... as loud). So the idea of a patchwork mini hoop was born! On Instagram, I asked if you would enjoy......

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