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For the miniature embroidery month, I have used a couple of different mini hoops to display the new patterns every day. Basically, it's a selection of three different systems and all of them have their pros and cons. Today, I want to share my thoughts about them with you. Disclaimer: The mini hoops from Dandelyne and artbase were sent to me for free. This, however, did not happen to bribe me into a good review. I do not write anything that I don't mean exactly how I write it.

1// The Dandelyne mini hoop review

The mini hoops by Sonia from Dandelyne are laser cut wooden mini hoops. They come with a screw just like the large embroidery hoops. Depending on which pack you choose there is also a lot of hardware included like a ring, necklace or brooch pins. Also included is a little......

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