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The Otomi bird

otomimeise8To practice my newly found embroidery technique used by the Otomi people to create their colorful surface patterns, I started this bird last week. The stitch used is a very narrow herringbone stitch. A stitch which I like very much for it's versatility as you can find out by the many tutorials I made for herringbone stitch variations over the years. Today I have finished the bird. I can't believe it's so fast to stitch up! The motion of herringbone stitch is very relaxing and intuitive. otomimeise6 herringbone stitch works with letters, too otomimeise7...

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Otomi embroidery

A picture on Pinterest caught my eye yesterday. It shows a woman holding a long panel of fabric embroidered with big, colorful motifs. I have seen this picture before, but not until yesterday I clicked the link to learn more about this beautiful piece of needlework. Isn't it odd, that although you pin and look at so many things on Pinterest, you seldomly actually click to see what is behind this picture - what is the story - what are these 10thousand tipps the Pin is advertising loudly? With the last kind of Pins - those which say they link to a page with 10 tipps to something - I tend to click them to see if there really is said information. Sadly many Pins lead to just the picture or to a page which links to the actual page. So why should I want to repin that? But that's another story.......

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