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The Otomi bird

otomimeise8To practice my newly found embroidery technique used by the Otomi people to create their colorful surface patterns, I started this bird last week. The stitch used is a very narrow herringbone stitch. A stitch which I like very much for it's versatility as you can find out by the many tutorials I made for herringbone stitch variations over the years. Today I have finished the bird. I can't believe it's so fast to stitch up! The motion of herringbone stitch is very relaxing and intuitive. otomimeise6 herringbone stitch works with letters, too otomimeise7...

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Otomi embroidery
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Otomi embroidery

A picture on Pinterest caught my eye yesterday. It shows a woman holding a long panel of fabric embroidered with big, colorful motifs. I have seen this picture before, but...