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christmas diys and patterns

With the holidays coming soon the christmas related patterns get out of their dark hole and can shine for a little moment again.

rentier1 May I present you the reindeer handpuppet. He or she comes with red nose and antlers, ready to dash through snow covered hills. Buy here: ravelrypatternfish craftsy dawanda etsy megaset Then there are the christmas stockings. I guess many of you don't want to knit 15 different stockings for their beloved ones so every stocking pattern is available individually, too. Exception are the norwegian, traditional style ones which come in a set of 6 only. The stocking patterns......

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christmas crafting: folding window paper stars

stern1 I found this awesome link to a german/swiss website where there are 10 directions to folding paper stars. These stars are super easy to fold and my kids and I had a blast making them. Most of the stars constist of 8 pieces of paper which you each fold 3-7 times then glue all of them together in the middle section. The writer of the directions uses transparent paper, but it works with normal thin paper (we used pre-cut folding squares), too. To find out if your paper works, just fold one piece and hold it into the light and you'll see if it shines through. Or hold 3-4 sheets of paper in the light and see of you can see the shades through. Here is the link to folding christmas window stars. Everything is in german, but don't worry, there are......

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DIY: stamping with acryl colors

stempeln1 Materials

  • paper goods to stamp on (envelopes, notebooks, craft paper)
  • acryl paint
  • paint brush + something to mix your colors on (I use a small cutting board for this)
  • stamp carving rubber or a big rubber eraser
  • carving tools and a cutter
  • a glass of water
  • a pencil
stempeln2 stempeln3 draw your motif on the rubber base and cut out the shape roughly with your cutter stempeln4 Carve out all lines carefully and cut out all parts, that should not be seen in the end (outside parts of the motif). stempeln6 Depending on your rubber you'll notice a more or less amount of rubber crumbles. Gently wipe them away with a soft piece of......

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Reindeer, stars and pullovers

Constantly reminded, that I have only cardigans but not one fitting pullover I searched a pattern and cast on this gem by Amy Herzog. I enjoyed her fit for flatter blog series last year and it kind of was a revellation to me. It's now easier to scan for the right clothes suiting my body shape. ya05 The book is "Long way on a little" by Shannon Hayes and it's a great read - for a cookbook. Thus far I love her way of thinking and since me and my family still want to have a pig and chickens, it's good to have a book at hand which shares recipes for the unusual parts of these animals meat, too. thus far i really really love it! Although christmas seems to be far away for me (it's rainy and no snow in......

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