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New embroidery pattern: the advent calendar

I have shown a little bit of this cross stitch piece every now and then. Now it’s finished! My cross stitch advent calendar! This pattern is part of the collaboration with my mother. She is the designer behind the motifs and I rearranged them to one picture, changed some little things and made a pattern out of it.

mother daughter

Christmas is not exactly around the corner right now, but let me tell you, it’s going to take while to stitch this one up, so it’s best to start a bit earlier then december. It took me about 2 weeks to make this one happen (the stitching alone). Some motifs are faster to make and some take their time, but at average you could do this as an actual advent calendar – one motif a day in december. This is of course if you do have time to stitch in december among all the other stuff that’s going on during that time of the year.

Getting each piece finished is kind of addictive and it’s so satisfiying to see the calendar grow. My favorite is the wreath. It was love at first sight and that’s why it’s place is right in the middle of it all.

I embroidered the numbers in gold thread, which is a pain to handle, but for such small things the effect definitely weights out the trouble. I’m very excited to see this framed in the light of

many candles when the wintertime comes.

advent calendar

advent calendar
Embroidery skills:
– cross stitch
Finished measurements (motif):
– horizontal 146 crosses – 23,36cm/9.2inch
– vertical 168 crosses – 26,88cm/10.58inch
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advent calendar

Embroidery pattern: the chambray alphabet

A new pattern is available in my shops from today: the chambray alphabet. It’s my very first ABC and I like how the colors blend, but not too much. During my researches for the stitch-lexicon I realized, that many wonderful stitches don’t get the chance to even apear in embroidery patterns. No wonder these kind of get lost in all the running and back stitches around. So for this pattern I wanted to use a very simple stitch like the back stitch, but found a neater – and more economic! – way to fill the letters out: The side-to-side stitch. It’s a variation of the stem stitch and it creates 2 lines of back stitches in one row AND uses up less thread than 2 sets of back stitch would. So with the side-to-side stitch you save time and thread. I also think it looks neater than 2 lines of back stitch side by side. So maybe you could give this awfully neglected stitch a chance and try it out 🙂

side to side stitch tutorial

Embroidery skills:
– back stitch or side-to-side stitch
Finished measurements:

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5 geometric animals embroidery pattern bundle

All 5 geoemtric animal embroidery patterns are now available as a bundle. The patterns are very simple to do and beginner friendly. But what to do with so many patterns? Hanging embroidered pictures on the walls is not for everybody, so embellish the back of a nice shirt, embroider a cloth bag, a sports bag or the old-fashioned cushion cover. There are so many possibilities! Jana shared a beautiful example of how to apply embroidery to everyday objects here, take a look 🙂

5 Set geometric animals
embroidery skills:
– running stitch, whipped running stitch
finished measurements:
max. 18×10,54cm/7×4.15inch (varies)

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Adventures in crossing stitches: Underwater creatures III

May I present you the 3rd piece of our underwater creatures series for our mother-daughter-project Adventures in crossing stitches. This set contains the turtle, jellyfish and world domination octopus.



Underwater creatures III
Embroidery skills:
– cross stitch
Finished measurements:
100×83 crosses
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Geometric unicorn + horse pattern

I have just released a new pattern in the geometric animals series. It’s the Unicorn + Horse! I can’t believe I have not made a horse earlier, since it’s one of the animals most talked about in this family. So last but not least – the unicorn and horse for all you horselovers out there.

Geometric Unicorn+Horse
Embroidery skills:
– running stitch, threaded running stitch
Finished measurements:
unicorn 15x14cm/5.9×5.5inch
horse 15×10,5cm/ 5.9×4.13inch

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Adventures in crossing stitches – a mother-daughter-collaboration

Recently I have been working on a project with my mother. She is a gifted embroiderer and has made some beautiful motifs in cross stitch over the last years to make gifts from. Around christmas we got the idea, that it would be a shame to let these gorgeous patterns sit in storage for years to come and decided to make digital patterns out of them.


My mother has a different style than me, but we share our love for bold colors and playful motifs. We also love adventures and travel so I picked the name “Adventures in crossing stitches”. For me exploring the textile world is like an adventure and for my mother it is very adventurous to publish her ideas.

So the first series in our collaboration are these colorful underwater world creatures.


The first pattern set includes 7 straight forward cross stitch fish motifs. It’s easy to stitch and a great beginner pattern.
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The second pattern set includes 9 cross stitch fish motifs with additional straight lines. The motifs are embroidered on a slightly darker fabric to emphasize the bright colors and white outlines.
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free knitting pattern: Happy K

My sister’s birthday wish this year was a blue slouchy hat with a light yarn and pattern. She has beautiful light red hair and the color she picked makes her hair shine even more. Since it’s her birthday and I made the calculations anyway, I’ll give you this pattern as a gift, too. It’s adult size and quite wide to sit loosely on the head. It’s not too long, so you can fold the brim and wear it as a cap, too. I’m tempted to make one for me actually!

The wool this hat is made from is Lamana Como, a new yarn. It’s unbelievably soft and light. The weight is spectacular for the length (25g for 120m), that’s why you should double the amount of yarn stated below, if you substitute it for another one. The hat in the Como yarn is 50g.

You can take the inscriptions here or download the pattern here as PDF or at the following websites: youtube craftsy makerist kollabora


Happy K – hat knitting pattern

Finished measurements
circumference: 52cm/20.5inch
length: 24,5cm/ 9.65inch

Gauge (in eyelet pattern)

Lamana Como; 100% wool; 120m, 25g per skein
color: petrol (24) 2 skeins
set of 4 double pointed knitting needles (DPNs) size 3mm/ 2.5 US

CO cast on
** repeat instructions following the asterisks as directed
st(s) stitch(es)
k1 knit one stitch
p1 purl one stitch
k2tog knit two stitches together – one stitch decreased
ssk slip, knit, pass stitch over – one stitch decreased
rnd(s) round(s)
rep repeat(s)
pm place marker

Half brioche stitch
Round 1: Purl all stitches.
Round 2: *p; knit into the stitch of the round below*
Repeat round 1 and 2.

Eyelet pattern
Knit all even rounds.
Round 1: P4, k5, k2tog, k1, yo.
Round 3: K1, p3, k4, k2tog, k1, yo, p1.
Round 5: K2, p2, k3, k2tog, k1, yo, p2.
Round 7: K3, p1, k2, k2tog, k1, yo, p3.
Round 9: Yo, k1, ssk, k5, p4.
Round 11: P1, yo, k1, ssk, k4, p3, k1.
Round 13: P2, yo, k1, ssk, k3, p2, k2.
Round 15: P3, yo, k1, ssk, k2, p1, k3.

1 . CO 90sts and join in the round.
2. Work half brioche stitch for 32 rounds.
3. Knit one round. AT THE SAME TIME: knit through the front and back loop of every 5th stitch.
=> 108sts on the needles
4. Work in eyelet pattern for the next 56 rounds (3.5 pattern repeats).
5. Crown shaping:
1st round: *k5, k2tog, k2, p3*
2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th round: knit every stitch
3rd round: *k4, k2tog, k2, p2, k1*
5th round: *k3, k2tog, k2, p1, k2*
7th round: * k2, k2tog, k5*
9th- 14th (every) round: * knit to one stitch before the k2tog of the round below, k2tog*
6. Cut the thread and pull it through all remaining stitches.
7. Sew in the ends.



knitting pattern: frog hand puppet

Brand new in the beastiarium of hand puppets – the FROG. Flicking through old photos I found this one – it’s one of my oldest hand puppet designs and one of my favorites, too. Look at these eyes! So cute. Better late than never. Now you can make your own frog hand puppet, too. Knit a golden ball for this and it’s ready to go for a frog king puppet theater.


Frog hand puppet
knitting skills:
– increase/decrease
– knitting in the round with DPNs
– chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet

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embroidery pattern: at the cabin


The cabin embroidery set is finished and available since today. This is a piece very dear to my heart and it’s so good to see it out in the open now. I wish everyone who chooses to embroider these motivs a cozy, happy place to think about while stitching.

Am Kamin
Embroidery skills:
– stem stitch, running stitch, back stitch, satin stitch
Finished measurements:

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knitting pattern: The trigonometric hat



The trigonometric hat is a cabled hat with wavy curves and a simple knit and purl pattern inbetween. It’s knitted tightly so the winterwinds can’t get through and your head stays warm and cozy. You can wear the hat with doubled brim or slouchier. The pompom is optional and there also is a tutorial included how to make one.

This hat matches the trigonometric loop scarf and mittens. There will be a three-piece set of the trigonometric patterns available soon.

Trigonometric hatcable-textured hat
Knitting skills:
– knitting in the round
– knit and purl
– simple cables
Finished measurements:
adult: width: 22cm/8.66inch; length 25cm/9.85inch
child: width: 19cm/7.48inch; length 20cm/7.87inch

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trigowomen1 trigomen2

Free pattern: the heart card


It’s that time of the year again. Hearts popping up everywhere. My gift for you today is a geometric-style heart card you can make for your sweetheart!

You’ll need:

  • 6stranded embroidery floss in red (DMC 321)
  • blank card or folded card stock
  • embroidery needle, scissors, sewing pin
  • heart motif: 13.5x9cm/5.3×3.5inch (download PDF here)

vk2 vk1

1. Transfer the Pattern to your card by sticking a needle or pin through the joints of the heart
pattern. This works best if you tape the pattern to the card with removable masking tape.

vk3 vk4

2. Stitch all the lines with 3 strands of thread and try to avoid long lines on the reverse side. To
start the thread make a big knot which does not pull through the hole. For ending the thread
make one or two knots around the previously stitched thread on the reverse side like shown in
the picture above.
If you want to hide the stitches on the inside of the card, cover it with a blank sheet of paper.



Also take a look at my free heart mandala pattern.


new pattern: snowflake felt ornaments

This collection of felt tree ornaments comes with 7 different patterns and 1 variation.

Step-by-Step pictures and written instructions make it very easy to progress through this pattern. The ornaments range between beginner and medium level.

Included are:

  • 7 patterns ready to print
  • step-by-step shots and instructions
  • detailed material list and additional instructions for each snowflake
  • picture of each finished snowflake
  • instructions how to make the ornament reversible
  • instructions in german and english

The patterns use very basic embroidery stitches, so if you are new to embroidery don’t get intimidated. The embellishments are made in running stitch for the most and for some you need to know how to do the daisy stitch which is a kind of chain stitch. You can easily omitt the embellishments if you don’t feel like it!
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brioche swatching

After all the embroidery posts lately, I’m doing some knitting again! What started as a hat version of the trigonometric loop developped into a completely new project (surprise – surprise!). I was looking for a less boring way to make the ribbing besides a simple 1x2rib – the cowl version starts with the pattern right away, but I like some sort of brim for hats.

So my mind somehow came across brioche stitches. The trigonometric pattern is very textured and a textured brim could have looked good. Halfway through the brim I wondered what happens when I insert 2 rounds of stockinette. And then I somehow created a new pattern.


The intermitted half brioche stitch. I call it that way because I have not found a picture of a similiar pattern yet, but I’m pretty sure someone has already thought of it 😀

After some swatching I cast on for the new hat and already love this fluffy and simple pattern. What’s not to like of a 1-round-to-remember-pattern, right?


Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along and Nicole from Frontier Dreams.

free pattern: the absence of a snowflake

This is pattern is more like a guideline. Chaotic stitching is never really stuff for patterns because it’s well – chaotic. Nevertheless this time the chaotic stitching takes place around a defined shape.


grey felt – depending on your size of embroidery. If you chose to make it 11cm/4.33inch the felt should be about 25x25cm/10x10inch

embroidery floss – white DMC B5200, yellow DMC 745, blue DMC 807

1. First print the snowflake pattern to the size you want. Mine is 11cm/4.33inch. There should be at least 2cm/0.8inch to every side for the outside stitching. Cut out the snowflake.




2. Then pin the papercut onto your felt. Watch out to center it perfectly.


3. Begin to stitch around the papercut pattern with white embroidery floss (1stranded). It’s important to stitch into the borderline as often as possible. Here are some rules of thumb to avoid repetitive stitching patterns:

  • use different angles
  • often change the direction of stitching
  • make long and short stitches
  • try not to align stitches


4. Remove the papercut and see if your edges look sharp enough when you look at it from a distance. If it still looks blurry, add some more stitches to these lines.


5. Use the yellow thread to add some extra stitches to the center star and the inner areas. I used up only one thread length total, so don’t overdo it.


6. After this use blue to stitch around the outlines again. Increase your range and make some long stitches around the white stitches, too.


6. Take a look from a distance to see how the overall look pleases your eye. It’s important not to overdo the stitches. We want to have the look of a frozen flower on a window, with frost nails and not a solid block of stitches 🙂


new KUMO hat pattern


KUMO is a winterproof hat with a beautiful cably texture and easy to knit. The pattern includes instructions for a slouchy and a men’s version. The pattern has a chart and written instructions.

KUMOcable-textured hat
Knitting skills:
– knitting in the round
– knit and purl
– simple cables
– kitchener stitch
Finished measurements:
Slouchy: circumference: 51cm/20inch; length 28cm/11inch
Men’s: circumference: 45cm/17.7inch; length 23,5cm/9.25inch

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kumo6 kumo5

Kristall no 2: Opal

The Opal is a shiny and colourful gem. It changes it’s intensity and colors depending on the way you look at it. I wanted to capture the dynamic and playful colors with this one. While the center is very solid and compact, the mor you go to the outer sections the more it disintegrates into a hint of stitches and paling colors.

The making of this new mandala in the yet small series of crystal-themed embroideries:


first draft with pencil, ruler and black pen – some lines don’t match yet – there are still construction errors


second draft on transparent paper


enjoying the calm and golden eveing light while stitching



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