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How to become an embroidery designer - the art of failing

Whenever I tell someone I'm an embroidery designer and teacher, the reactions are quite mixed. Most of the time I get a "Wow, that sounds interesting!" or a frowny face trying to hide the strong opinion, that this can't be a "real job" followed by a "Hm.". Oftentimes the next question is: "How do you become that?" (the other option is: "and you can live from that?" I won't dive deeper in this kind of stuff today :D ).

So how do you become an embroidery designer/teacher?

There are very little official paths and I took none of them. The places where you can learn hand embroidery as a profession as a major are very rare in the western world. My personal embroidery designer story started with studying Clothing Technologies in Berlin and I failed big time. What? Yes, I failed and got kicked out. Writing this down - I failed- is making......

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